Another Fast Day

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Apr 282015

 I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun because Monday was another fast day for us and we got a lot accomplished.

I spent some time online making and confirming reservations for our summer travels. Given the choice, we prefer not to have a set schedule and be locked into reservations. But since we plan to spend the summer on the Oregon coast, where RV spaces can be hard to find if you don’t plan ahead, I have us set up for a total of nine weeks at Thousand Trails campgrounds.

As it is now we have two weeks booked at South Jetty in Florence, Oregon starting June 23, then we’ll go directly to Whaler’s Rest in Newport for two weeks starting July 7. On July 21 we leave Newport and go the Seaside Thousand Trails for two weeks, and when we leave there August 4 we cross the Columbia River to the Long Beach Thousand Trails for a three week stay. The game plan is to return to Seaside after that, but our membership requires that we can only make that reservation 90 days before our planned arrival date. But it will be late August, and hopefully the kids will all be back in school by then, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, like all fulltime RVers, our plans are always set in Jello and subject to change at any time. Our inner children are a whimsical duo and you never know what they might come up with at the last minute. Our daughter Tiffany is having some surgery at some point that may require us to stay around here longer to help her with her recovery, but we won’t know more until it’s scheduled.

With all of that done, we went to a shop to order new tires for our motorhome. We put six new Goodyear’s on four years ago, and have had problems with them ever since. Two will not hold air and I have to air them up every couple of weeks, and one got chopped up early on and is in real bad shape. Then, when we stopped for a safety check before going into the Salt River Canyon on our way up here Terry noticed that the left front tire had a piece missing out of the tread.

This is the second set of Goodyear tires that have disappointed us. We put new Goodyears on our MCI bus conversion and after four years had one on the front explode on Interstate 10 in west Texas. At 60 miles an hour, that’s a real adventure!

Bus tire blowout 6

Back home I loaded Big Lake Scandal up to Barnes and Noble and it should be available today or tomorrow. Then I sent the files for Big Lake Burning to to start the process of getting the audible book make of it. While I was doing all of that, Elizabeth Mackey, my amazing cover artist, created the print cover for Burning and I uploaded it to Create Space to get the print version going. Elizabeth also created the e-book cover for my new book, Big Lake Honeymoon. What do you think of it?

alone cabin in the woods

While I was doing all of that, Terry worked on the new book and got a lot of it edited and proofed, and I made the corrections. We should have it done today and then I’ll send it to another proof reader for a second read through. I told a blog reader yesterday that I thought thought it would be another two weeks before it was live, but if things keep moving along this well, it may be sooner. I hope so, I’m getting excited!

Thought For The Day – I choose to ignore what I lost yesterday, and embrace what I have today.

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  16 Responses to “Another Fast Day”

  1. Let’s see now. You’ve already put on two sets of Goodyear tires and the next set will be…..?

  2. Not Goodyears, that’s for sure!

  3. And the end result of tire choice is what Nick? It’s always an interesting topic and lots of opinions 🙂

    Anxious to see where this one goes!


  4. DO NOT BUY GOODYEARS !!!!!!!! I have had three out of the four marathons that came on my Jayco TT shread on me. And I didn’t give the forth one a chance before it was replaced. Get yourself some Michlans….. Or Brookstones…
    I am currently running Japanesse brand tires from Big O Tires out here in Nev.
    Plus check the Manf Date on the new tires you buy. They are currently really talking up the 6 yr rule on replacemant change out time for tires on the ground.

  5. Last set of 6 Michelin’s l
    asted 9 years and were replaced with 65% more tread. I moved the best of the old tires to the tag. The new set 2013 thru FMCA. Dealer who I know said he can’t match the price going direct. Can’t remember cost but they are expensive compared to Goodyear. Good luck

  6. I can’t remember if you dropped your FMCA membership or not, but if not, they have a deal with Michelin called, oddly enough, the Michelin Advantave Program that saved us hundreds off our new tires (295/80R22.5 XCoach XZ152M LRJ). We’ve had no problems with these tires for the last 2+ years.

  7. I should say.mine r 12R22.5 XZ2 and I will chime in with Webber we both saved many hundreds. Again good luck

  8. Have run Goodyears for years on all kinds of vehicles and never had a problem and always gotten good mileage out of them. Bought a van that had Michelins on it and had my only blow out. Bought our bus and it had them on one side on the back and had problems with them. Changed to Goodyears and ran them for 11 years and 71,000 miles and they still looked fairly good but were wearing down. Put on a set of Hankooks 2 years ago and they still look like brand new…..time will tell.

  9. Nick, We replaced out Michelin with Toyo last year. We’ve had some problems with Michelin over the years and heard good things about Toyo. I think it holds the road better — very happy with them so far.

  10. Some days there are not any comments and then you mention tires and everyone has something to say. We try not to buy anything that isn’t made in the USA. It’s amazing how difficult that is with tires.

  11. I go with Michelin regardless of cost. They give a much smoother ride both on our old medium truck and now the truck conversion. You may want to consider getting them in Oregon as there is no sales tax…….

  12. Since everyone else jumped in on the tires I’ll go down a different path…the cover for your new book looks good. I’ll be standing in line for it’s release. Thanks for past good reads and for those yet to come.

  13. The cover looks great! Looking forward to the book coming out!

  14. Mitchelin tire owns ( in 1989 ) Uniroyal and Goodyear three different names one company.
    Same as Firestone & Bridgestone
    Some of their tires are made in USA Canada and Poland and I believe The Asian ram
    Also just because Oregon has no sales tax does not mean it’s tires are cheaper
    The price I paid for the four tires I bought in cottonwood Arizona pricing the same 4 tires in Portland Oregon was higher by $205 difference
    That was based on the same company but different location
    Also you have to factor in mounting and balancing unless you can find a tire company that will M/B it for free ,,good luck
    If you belong to Coach net they sometimes know where the better deals are as well
    And don’t overlook pilot flying J loves wilco Hess Sometimes those truckstops have a halfway decent discount sales for their card holders And if you have an issue you could take it to them directly
    Anyways enjoy your day

  15. If you’ve never been to Seaside on the 4th of July, you need to go do an article on it. What a hoot!

    I’m ready to help proofread your new book. I’m pretty good at finding typos although I’ve stopped telling you about the ones I find after you publish. 🙂

  16. Roberts Tires in Mesa beats the FMCA price for Michelins without the hassle. I am buying a set from them this Friday.

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