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Apr 042015

I hit a milestone yesterday, 500 reviews of the original Big Lake book on Amazon, and it’s still going strong with a four star rating. Thank you to everybody who has read the book, posted reviews, and told their friends about it. You all have helped make my dreams come true.

I’ve spent the last few days working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, hoping to get it to our printer early next week. If I get it to them in time, they say they can print it and ship it back to us before we leave here on the 19th to go up to Show Low to see my daughter and her girls. That will save us a 175 mile trip each way back to Phoenix to pick it up once we’re up there and settled in. By the time I knocked off about 10:30 last night I had 21 pages finished.

We did take a break to go to meet Greg and Jan for our final dinner together at Los Gringos Locos. They are leaving here Sunday, but today we have a family dinner with Terry’s parents and sisters. The food was excellent, as always, and we had a good time visiting with our friends. Hopefully we can pop in for a quick visit with them this evening on our way home from Terry’s parents’ house.

On Thursday Terry ran some errands, stopping at the post office to send out some orders and then at WalMart. She used her Chase Visa card both places, and yesterday morning she received a message from Chase saying that attempts had been made to use her credit card at a movie theater near the WalMart and at a theater in the United Kingdom. Chase told her both charges had been declined and that they had cancelled the card and were sending her another one.

The same thing happened to her in late December when we were in Florida. In that case, as with this one, the only places she had used the card were national chain stores. No internet purchases, no gas stations or strange ATMs, the kind of places you usually hear about credit cards getting hacked. What a hassle!

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Big Lake Lyinching Audio cover

Good news for fans of my friend Bobbi Holmes’ Haunting Danielle mystery series! Bobbi just released the third book in the series, The Ghost Who Wasn’t. It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online e-book stores. In honor of the new release, Bobbi has dropped the price of the first book in the series, The Ghost of Marlow House, to just 99¢. Set in a bed and breakfast on the Oregon coast, these are fun, easy reads that you’re sure to enjoy. Check them out.

Thought For The Day – Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

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  6 Responses to “A Milestone”

  1. I have heard Chase has a lot of problems in that area. And now, we will be getting one of their cards when Costco converts to a Visa card. Oh me!

  2. Congratulations on reaching the 500 mark!!! And so sorry Terry’s card was compromised. Curious did she use it as a debit card or credit card? I am wondering if that makes a difference.

    Hope you guys have a blessed Easter with with family and friends.

    I have one more question…does Greg do consultations on computer questions? If so, how would I reach him?

    Thanks Ali

  3. Barry, it wasn’t on Chase’s end, it was at the store. It’s curious that minutes after she used it at WalMart it was attempted at a nearby business.

    Ali, she used it as a credit card. Greg’s blog is http://ourrvadventures.com

  4. It probably got hacked from the magnetic strip on the back of the card
    There is a device that they use if they bump up against you it read your magnetic card
    Or if you keep your cards in your back pocket someone can brush up against you it’ll read all the cards in your pocket
    There is a Metal credit card holder been on the market for a few years now it combats that scenario
    If you have a smart phone set up properly you can get rid of all of those cards
    And all you do is tap the stores card reader
    Even if you lose your smart phone everything would be encrypted
    And all your credit cards will be at one spot in your personal safe
    For you to retrieve and use The old fashion way
    Hope you enjoyed the movie in London.
    Cheerio Old chap

  5. Follow up
    If your card was a visa
    have your bank issue you a chip n pin credit card ( please do an Internet search on chip n pin cards ) there the new boys on the block ,,,hackers can’t do anything with the information that they can get off of it
    Joy your day

  6. Costco is going with Citibank, not Chase.

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