What, Me Worry?

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Feb 182015

I got an e-mail the other day from a blog reader asking me if I was worried about crime problems when we were camping at the Colorado River Thousand Trails preserve in Columbus, Texas, and then Pleasant Valley RV Resort in Mission, since both places were so close to the Mexican border.

Actually, Columbus is a lot closer to the gang bangers and thugs in Houston (50 miles) than it is to the border (275 miles as the crow flies). Mission, on the other hand, is a stone’s throw from the border, but it’s a good sized city and we were in a very comfortable, safe RV park. About the most hazardous thing I could have done there was sit on a dart between rounds in the clubhouse. So no, I wasn’t worried in either place.

Keep in mind that we don’t camp, in the traditional sense of the word. No sleeping under the stars, no campfires and singing Kumbaya, no cooking S’mores. No sir. My idea of roughing it is black and white TV. We reached the point in our lives and our travels where we appreciate a full hookup RV park.

We have boondocked in our motorhome on many occasions all over the country, and I’m sure we will again once we get our new inverter installed and upgrade our batteries. But there is no way I would boondock in close proximity to the border. There is just too much bad stuff happening on both sides of the line for my comfort level. I practice caution in all things, whenever I can. Yeah, I know. There are people who do it all the time. More power to them. It’s not my cup of tea. I prefer a comfortable RV park.

A good example is the Escapees Lone Star Corral Co-op in Hondo, Texas, where we are parked now. This is a nice place, with 130 full hookup RV sites, plus thirteen more in the dry camping section. Leaseholders can put their lots into the rental pool, which helps offset the annual maintenance fee. Many of the lots have small sheds or cabanas.

Lone Star Corral small

Lone Star Corral 2 small

Here is the one we are staying on while here.

Winnie Lone Star small

There is also a large activity center, which is the social center of this busy park. There’s something happening all the time and the friendly residents go out of their way to welcome visitors and include them in the happenings.

Here are two of those friendly residents, Mike and Elaine Loscher. We have known them forever and they were faithful, hard working volunteers at our Gypsy Journal rallies. Yesterday they took us to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in town, and then we went back to their RV to visit for a while before the coughing got the best of me and we came home.

Mike Elaine Loscher small

We thought we might leave today, but I think we’re going to hang out one more day to give me a little more time to get back on my feet before we start the 850 mile trip to Tucson. This thing has really knocked me on my butt!

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Thought For The Day – I thought growing old would take longer.

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  3 Responses to “What, Me Worry?”

  1. Advil Cold and Sinus pills worked really well for us in getting over this crud.

  2. we enjoyed dinner last night gave us time to catch up

  3. I hear a lot lately, when people are close to Mexico you must be careful of the people down their. I would like to clarify a myth, we have been in Mexico for 30 days and have had know problems, and the towns that we have been to are doing everything they can to make us happy. We heard of more killings in the Phoenix area then what we have heard of while down here. Again if you don’t go looking for problems you will have a great time. I would like to thank our media for saying Mexico is not safe, because all of the RV parks are just about empty and it makes it nice for us when we show up. Just my point of view.

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