We Did It Again

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Feb 042015

Yesterday was another dreary, rainy day here at the Colorado River Thousand Trails preserve in Columbus, Texas. We didn’t want to leave our cozy bed and had to force ourselves to get up sometime after 10 a.m. So much for our commitment to getting up earlier in the day.

When we finally did get in gear, I worked on the new issue of the paper for several hours, knocking out a few more pages. While I was doing that Terry made the dough for a batch of her delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast today.

Once the dough was in the pans she set it aside to rise and we all climbed into Greg and Jan’s truck for a 50 mile trip back into Houston. I’m glad Greg was driving because I don’t like all that traffic on a good day, let alone a nasty one.

Our first stop was at a place called Sur Le Table, an upscale store that sells kitchenware products like cookware, cutlery, ingredients, and every kind of kitchen gadget one could ever want. In other words, it was to Terry what the classic car place we saw the other day was to me.

Greg and I don’t care about the process or the tools it takes to get the job done, all we care about is the end result. So we dropped Terry and Jan off and went a few blocks away to a Barnes & Noble bookstore and browsed for a while until the ladies were finished. When we went back to pick them up, Terry said the trip was worthwhile. She got some Nielsen-Massey Madagascar bourbon vanilla, Vietnamese cinnamon, a couple of small spatulas she has been looking for, and some other goodies. I’m sure we’ll be checking out more of their stores around the country.

But Sur Le Table and the bookstore were just a diversion until it was time for the real reason we had gone back to Houston, which was to have dinner at Little V in Katy one more time. Even though we had eaten there just a couple of days before, we wanted to do it again before we leave the area. Yes, it’s that good.

The little Vietnamese restaurant is growing in popularity and folks come from all over to eat there. And for good reason. The food is awesome and the owner is a delightful young lady who has never met a stranger and who goes out of her way to great each and every customer personally and thank them for coming.

Because of my onion allergy, on our previous visit she made me a special dinner of thinly sliced grilled chicken over vermicelli with sauce. I said then it was ten times past delicious, and last night it was just as good.

Nick dinner

Greg and Jan’s daughter Brandi, her hubby Lowell, and grandson Landon live just a couple of minutes away and they met us again for dinner. We all had a nice visit, and after we were finished eating, we topped it off with delicious spoonsful of Crème brûlée. The perfect way to end a perfect meal.

Creme Brulee

The owner spent a few minutes visiting with us, telling us about her life in Vietnam, Hong Kong, and now in the United States. She’s a beautiful and delightful young woman who has come a long way in life to make her dreams come true, and she’ll go even further, no question about that.

We got back to the campground about 9:30 p.m., worn out from a fun day with good friends. But Terry wasn’t done yet, she baked two batches of cinnamon rolls, one for us and one for Greg and Jan. And yes, they are as big as they look, this is a 9×13 pan. Oh, and they taste even better than they look.

Cinnamon rolls

This morning Greg and Jan are leaving us and moving to Galveston Bay RV Resort for a month, but we’ll hook up again in Tucson for the Escapade RV rally in early March. We originally came here for a week stay and then planned to go to the Rockport area for a week, but the weather has been so ugly that I think we’ll scrap that and hang out here a few more days while I wrap up the new issue before we move on to Mission, and from there to Hondo to see dear friends in both places.

Thought For The Day – At my age I learn something new every day. Of course I also forget three or four other things every day.

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  1. Vietnamese cinnamon? The first week of 1971 i was in a place called Tra Bong that i was told was the cinnamon capitol of Viet Nam and maybe even the world. 🙂

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