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I am privileged to belong to a small online writers group that includes some of the best independent authors around. We share ideas on marketing, help each other with plot points, and offer support and encouragement when needed. Unlike most online communities, there is no arguing, backstabbing, or any of the other nonsense that usually happens on the internet.

A few or them are from Texas, and when I mentioned that we would be here in Hondo for a few days somebody suggested we get together for lunch or dinner. I was hoping that our colds would ease up enough to allow it to happen, and yesterday was the day. We drove about 25 miles east to the small town of Castroville and met Billy Kring and his wife Elizabeth, and George Weir and his wife Sallie. These guys are two of the very best authors I know, and I am a huge fan of both of their work so it was a real treat for me to get to meet them in person. And yes, I was just a little bit awe-struck. Okay, more than a little.

Billy is the author of the excellent Hunter Kincaid mystery series as well as the Ronny Baca mysteries. He’s a gentle, soft spoken guy who has worked as a Border Patrol agent and as a consultant on terrorism and international border issues in places like Mexico, South America, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean. He writes stories about west Texas that are so real you can feel the air and smell the sagebrush.

George is an absolute writing machine, creating the Bill Travis mystery series, which is absolutely addicting, as well as a number of other titles. He and Bill collaborated on the steampunk novel 1889: Journey To The Moon. We had a wonderful time and managed to get a picture of our group. Here are (L-R) Sallie, George, Miss Terry, yours truly, Billy, and Elizabeth. Thanks for making time for us guys, it was a thrill to meet two of my writing heroes.


If your reading taste is for science fiction, check out Transgression: A Time-Travel Suspense Novel by another of my author friends, Randy Ingermanson. It’s the first book in his City of God series and it’s free on Amazon.

Speaking of books and readers, it looks like we have a new generation of readers coming up. Here is my granddaughter Destiny, who will be eight in April. Her mom says that when she sticks her nose in a book it’s hard to drag her back out for dinner or anything else.

Destiny reading

The weather has turned cold and ugly, and looks to stay that way for the next few days. We’re still not feeling 100% by any means, so we’ll hang out here at the Lone Star Corral for another day or two and see if we can finally kick these colds completely before we hit the road. We’re looking forward to getting to Arizona to see all of our family and friends there.

Thought For The Day – All the world’s a stage and I seem to have missed the rehearsal.

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  1. I have to ask. Do you sit the same way Destiny does when you read a book?

  2. I take up a bit more counter space, Jerry.

  3. Shake that cold and have a safe trip to AZ

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