Feb 032015

It was cold yesterday. Maybe not the brutal cold folks in the Midwest are experiencing, but still damn cold. About noon I walked down to the dumpster to throw away some trash and the cold wind cut right through me. I sure was glad to get back inside our nice warm motorhome.

I guess I wasn’t the only one wanting to be inside out of the cold. Miss Terry found this unwelcome visitor in our kitchen sink yesterday morning. You’ve never heard somebody scream like a little girl so loud. And Terry wasn’t very happy either! Smile The centipede quickly met an untimely end.

Centipede small

I worked on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal until almost 4 p.m., when we drove north about 30 miles to La Grange to a nice seafood restaurant that Greg and Jan have been bragging about. It’s called Sealand Seafood 2, and once again Greg and Jan were right, it was a great choice! Everything was delicious and none of us left the table hungry.

But before we got there we stopped at another place Greg wanted to show me Timeless Texas Classics. Located a few miles south of La Grange, this is a car nut’s dream come true. Owner Lance Herrington restores and sells classic cars and he sure had some beautiful old rides on display.

I think I’d look real good behind the wheel of this sweet 1958 Chevrolet, don’t you?

1958 Chevy

Or maybe this snappy Thunderbird.

Red Tbird convertible

I had a Ford Victoria like this when I was a kid, but it was black and white and did not have the Continental kit for the spare tire.

Victoria gas pump

Not every car on display was a high performance classic. My dad had a Rambler station wagon, but I think it was a couple of years newer than this one.

Rambler wagon

And this little Metropolitan is about as low performance as they come.

Yellow Metro

Here’s another Metropolitan decked out as a police car. I think it would only be useful for catching slow crooks.

Metro cop car

Really slow, since you apparently have to stop and wind it up ever so often.

Wind up Metro

If I had a big garage and an even bigger bank balance, I’d have taken half a dozen of Lance’s cars home with me.

I mentioned the other day that I had been wanting a stunt kite, so I ordered a Prism Quantum and it was delivered Friday. I guess I should have waited because I got a message yesterday that I had won four, yes four, kites in a drawing on the Kite Life website. They included an HQ Symphony 2.2 speed foil, an HQ Symphony 1.8 speed foil, an HQ Calypso 2 Stunt Kite, and an HQ Nimbus stunt kite. All that along with two HQ Kites shirts! In less than a year I have also won two Revolution kites in drawings on the Kite Life website, as well as a pair of kite stakes. After this latest win, one of the other members asked me if it was uncomfortable driving around in my motorhome with a horseshoe stuck up my butt. I think he was joking. Smile

As I wrote last week, when we were in Tuscaloosa I introduced my son Travis to remote control drones and my Prism Snapshot 1.9  speed foil. He was instantly hooked so I gave him my UDI U818A Quadcopter and ordered another one for myself. I felt it was only fitting that I call him and tell him there is a speed foil on its way to him, too. I’ll use the other kites to introduce newbies to the sport of flying. You’ve got to pay it forward, right?

Thought For The Day – I chose the road less traveled, and now I don’t know where the hell I am.

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Nick Russell

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  6 Responses to “Cold, Cars, And Kites”

  1. Nick,

    Do the kites fold up for storage? Will you post a picture of them?

  2. I have to admit you are one LUCKY guy!! I’ll be looking forward to your demonstration video WITH MUSIC!!!!

  3. Jan, yes they all fold up very small for transport and storage and have almost no weight at all.

  4. Nick, next time you head to La Grange, you should check out the Quilt Museum. They always have an interesting stash there. It is about a block off the main square.

  5. Going to try to get up there before we leave the area, Jerry.

  6. guess now when someone tells you go fly a kite you surely can,

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