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Who are these modern day gypsies who spend their lives on the road? What prompted them to leave their former homes and communities for a life on wheels? In a new feature we will introduce you to some of the fulltime RVers we meet in our travels and those who read this blog.

Wil and Cyndy Olsen started camping in their first year of marriage over 40 years ago in a tent, and from there they have tried every kind of RV made except a motorhome. These days they live and travel in a 40 foot Road Warrior fifth wheel toy hauler.

Will Cyndy Olsen

They said a lifelong dream to travel and see our beautiful country led them to the fulltime RV lifestyle after Wil retired from Boeing after 28 years and Cyndy, who had been a domestic engineer until the kids left the nest, and then kept busy with jobs in craft stores and as an office manager. Eight years later, they’re still loving their life on wheels.

Originally from Puyallup, Washington, they both admit that missing their children and grandchildren is the worst thing about fulltiming, but they don’t have a lot of time to dwell on that because they keep busy with their job as wagonmasters and tailgunners for Adventure Caravans. Never dull or boring, the job has given them the opportunity to travel from the Panama Canal to Alaska, and from the west coast to the east coast and everywhere in between.

When they’re not doing that, Cyndy is a crafter who also likes to sew, scrapbook and see new sights; while Wil enjoys fishing, blogging about whatever they are doing, and driving their RZRs. They are both avid geocachers.

The Olsen’s don’t let any grass grow under their wheels. Wil said the longest they have stayed in any one place was this last winter of 2013 – 2014. Other than that they are always on the move, traveling to new and old favorite spots all the time.

When asked where their favorite places are, they said number one has to be Yellowstone National Park, with Alaska as a close second. They said that Alaska is very beautiful, and that they see something different no matter how many times they go there. They have also been to Mexico a number of times escorting caravans.

They are members of Escapees and Good Sam and have attended a lot of RV rallies representing Adventure Caravans and putting on seminars.

The freedom to come and go as they please is the best part of the fulltime lifestyle for Wil and Cyndy, a frequent comment shared by all fulltimers. They added that not having to be somewhere you don’t want to be, meeting new friends, and having extra time to spend with their dog Turbo are added benefits. Not having to mow the lawn is pretty neat too, according to Wil!

To them, the best day fulltiming is when the sun is out and the wind is in their faces, seeing new sights. Their goal is to continue to find new and exciting places they have yet to discover. The worst is breaking down, something that all RVers will face from time to time.

If they had to give a new fulltimer one piece of advice, Wil and Cyndy said it would be to stop and smell the roses, and take your time. It will be there tomorrow.

Summing up their feelings about fulltiming, Wil said, “We enjoy this great lifestyle. The freedom of moving around this great nation and seeing all of the sights that we have only read about is wonderful. One thing that makes me feel good is to just look around at the people that are doing this type of living and look at their health. We don’t just sit around, we are out exploring new things all the time. I remember one time talking to a gentleman I thought was maybe in his late 60’s, then finding out that he was going to be 79. That tells you this has to be a great lifestyle.”

Congratulations to Dawn Rodgers, winner of our drawing for a copy of John and Kathy Huggins’ excellent book, So, You Want to be a Full-Time RVer? We had 191 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – The hardest thing in life is knowing which bridge to cross and which to burn.

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  1. Nick, nice article on Wil and Cyndy. I know them from traveling with Adventure Caravans. I’ll see them again at the Good Sam Rally coming up Februaury 27. Possibly see you there?….Jim in Prescott

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