Fleas And Barking Rats

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Jan 132015

We enjoy wandering through flea markets looking at all of the trash and treasures on display, and one of the best ones is the huge Webster Flea Market, held every Monday in Webster, Florida. Rain was predicted for yesterday afternoon, so we were up a little after 7 a.m. hoping to beat the storm.

There aren’t many places in this country where we can go and not run into one of our readers and yesterday was no exception. We had hardly set foot on the grounds when we bumped into Marilyn Forbes, who was there shopping for bargains with another lady. We chatted for a minute or two, then went off in different directions.

Okay, I’ll probably offend at least a couple of people with this, but I really don’t care. Maybe it’s something you need to hear, even if you don’t want to. If you have one of those barking rats that a lot of folks mistakenly believe are dogs, and if you have to put it in a baby stroller and push it through a crowded place like a flea market, where there are lots of other barking rats and some real dogs, too, don’t get upset if I give you a dirty look or even say something about your little noisemaker. No, it’s not cute, it’s not lovable, and it’s damn sure not appreciated by the people around you. There must have been a dozen of the obnoxious little creatures that barked incessantly and could be heard from two rows away. And the clods who owned them seemed totally oblivious to their noise. If your dog has to bark at everything it sees, leave it at home where it can irritate the neighbors while you’re gone.

We left the flea market about 12:30, just as it started to rain, and after stops at the Escapees Sumter Oaks RV park and a couple others in Bushnell to drop off sample bundles of the Gypsy Journal, we got on Interstate 75 to come back to Three Flags RV Resort just as the worst of the downpour hit. For the next eight miles to our exit it was pouring so hard that even with the Explorer’s windshield wipers on full force visibility was less than 50 feet. Of course, that didn’t stop a lot of fools from blasting past us at 75 miles an hour.

This was one of the roads here in the campground when we got home. Break out the Sea Eagle kayaks, baby, it’s time to paddle!

Three flags road small

Eventually the storm eased up and we went out again to have dinner at Red Lobster in The Villages, the upscale retirement community a few miles away. If you’ve never been to The Villages (yes, that’s the official name of the place, with a capital T), it’s quite an experience. There are as many golf carts as cars and they drive them everywhere.

Golf Carts The Villages

Golf Carts The Villages 2

Today we leave Three Flags and go to the Florida State Fairgrounds for the Tampa RV Super Show. It’s only about 75 miles, but there will be road construction for much of the way. What fun. We won’t have a vendor booth, but we’ll be at the show all week, wandering around looking at all the goodies and seeing a lot of friends. That part will be fun!

Thought For The Day – The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea. – Isak Dinesen

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  13 Responses to “Fleas And Barking Rats”

  1. I love it nick when you can somewhat agree with me on the dog problem. Just the other day I made a commit here and you would of thought I was the worst person around, with all of the backlash I got. I still stay if the world had 90% less dogs and the people would respond to other people as they do to there dogs it would be a better world.

  2. Amen to the rat problem.

  3. Smiling and chuckling and a hearty amen! Couldn’t agree more and oh, those humping ones too!

  4. Interesting and little known facts: The Villages had the largest golf cart parade (3321). The Villages has the highest consumption of draft beer in Florida. There is a thriving black market for Viagra. The Villages has one of the highest VD/sexually transmitted disease rates in Florida. Just proves we all may be old(er) but we haven’t given up beer or sex for Lent. HEE HEE
    Hope to see you at The RV show in Tampa. We plan to come over one day.

  5. I love my puppies, but putting them in a baby carriage and taking them everywhere is beyond me!! I know mine bark, although not incessantly, and I try very hard to keep it to a minimum, but they ARE great watch dogs for a single lady. Obviously, it has a lot to do with the owner!!! Come on people, they are ANIMALS, not humans and they are NOT your children!!!

  6. As a GREAT DANE owner I would rather refer to those Rat dogs as DOG FOOD !!!

  7. Right on Nick and there are hundreds of similar rats in Quartzsite.

  8. We went to Quartzsite a couple of years ago to opening day of the big tent. You could hardly move down the aisles for the dogs in strollers. I don’t get it at all. I love dogs but there are places they shouldn’t go. We were at Q last week and there were dogs in strollers and on leashes in the restaurant that we ate at. That should not be allowed at all.

  9. Nick lets agree, disagree and agree not to agree. I believe you are right on with strollers and yapping. Never thought of them as rats before but I have to agree with your reference. I think you made a big mistake referring to leaving them home, to bark at the neighbors. Watch what you wish for they might be your neighbors some day. Maybe it was late when you wrote that and weren’t thinking clearly. I too am not afraid to risk offending people. When I hear a pet owner talking about surgery, or daycare, or boarding, etc for their pet, I have a standard response. “Bullets are cheaper”. I am not a fan of dogs as they tend to screw up your life. Think about the cost of the strollers, the missed events to get home so the puppies can be let out, the missed trips because you couldn’t bring the dog. Sh#!, there as much trouble as kids and we all know how relieved we all were when the kids left the house. When do the puppies leave? Maybe we should petition to charge admission for the rats at Quartzsite. From Bad Jim.

  10. How rude! We have had 5 Chihuahuas and travel full time in our camper with them. 2 have gone to doggy heaven but when we leave the camper the other 3 go with us everywhere we go and YES in a stroller. Many small breed dogs are nervous and yes they do bark a lot. Ours do too. Who cares? If you don’t like it don’t park next to me. It’s a free country and I’ll go wherever I want whenever I want with my furkids. If you don’t like it move to Russia!

  11. Seeing all those golf carts lined up reminded me of Sturgis!

  12. You two got up at 7 a.m.? No wonder the barking rats irritated you! That’s like most people getting up at uh, like, 3 a.m. and going traipsing around a crowded, noisy, nerve-grating place. I feel your pain!
    Sure wish we could be at the Tampa RV Show! But then again, it would just make us want all kinds of new toys.
    I don’t like those little yappy dogs, either. People who push dogs in strollers ought to adopt a child and must have some unfulfilled need to baby something, I say.
    Don’t worry, when ya’ll get back on your regular schedule the world will be brighter (and a heck of a lot less irritating)!

  13. i have recently joined the RV world with beloved husband and beloved Service dog in tow. My well trained 80 lb standard poodle service dog (mobility assistance) is affected by people’s tolerance of “the rat brats” My service dog is expected to be gracious and non-offensive at all times.. My service dog is permitted as a civil right under ADA. Events and locations may regulate the presence of “pets” at their discretion. Any misbehaving animal in public makes life for working dogs harder. It is a distraction to the service dog, and it makes people grit their teeth when they see any dog. Small dogs can be great for the RV a lifestyle, a bit of training and consideration make life more enjoyable for all of us. Love the blog!

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