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In an effort to rearrange our sleep schedules, Terry and I have been making it a point to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier, but we decided to turn off the alarm and yesterday morning. I was hoping to sleep until after 9, but a little before 8 a.m. the telephone rang. It was a wrong number and five minutes later they called back again! Okay, you win, I’m up.

I spent much of the day working on the new issue of the Gypsy Journal, except for a couple of breaks. Greg came over to look at some technical issues I was having and quickly handled most of them. The first was the small netbook computer I use to run my Silverleaf engine monitoring system. It runs fine at times and at others will just die on me. After listening to my description of the problem, Greg decided that it probably does not like the modified sine wave on our regular inverter or on the small inverter I bought that plugs into a 12-volt outlet.

The next issue was our Rand McNally 7720 RV GPS. It suddenly would not work with the 12-volt power cord, but when I plugged it into the small inverter it works fine. After looking things over, he said he’s sure the 12-volt cord is the problem. That was pretty much what I suspected, since they seem to be the weak spot in these units. The power cord on my first one died too, and a couple of my blog readers have said theirs also failed and they had to replace them.

We’ve also had an ongoing problem with our Samsung LCD TV. The screen goes black but we still have the sound. The TV is mounted to a door over the compartment where our original TV was located, and if we put a finger between the TV and the door and gave it a little bump the picture would return. Over time it’s become more frequent and it takes several attempts to get the video to come back. I was hoping for a bad HDMI cable between our Dish receiver and the TV, but no such luck. After checking it out, Greg said he thinks it’s something in the TV itself. And since nobody fixes anything anymore, I guess we’ll run it until it dies and then replace it. We’ve had the TV about four years and it’s been bounced around going down the road quite a bit. so I guess I won’t complain too much. 

Later on we went into town to mail off some orders and pick up some things at the store, and coming back into the campground we stopped to admire some of the many deer who live here.

Buck small

This one was in a hurry to get someplace. Maybe it had a hot date waiting?

Running deer small

The deer are everywhere and seem to have little fear of people. They wander through the RV sites and as long as nobody tries to approach them too closely, they ignore you.

Deer and RVs small

This is a nice campground, with lots of roomy sites.

Campground 2 small 

The Colorado River runs along the edge of the property, and about sunset I took a couple of pictures. We’ve never had the opportunity to put our Sea Eagle kayaks in here, but I’ve seen several RVs with kayaks sitting beside them, so obviously a lot of people do. We may have to give it a try one of these days.

River small

River sunset small

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes you just have to say “It is what it is” and move on with your life.

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  9 Responses to “Colorado River Thousand Trails”

  1. Interesting … my TV at home is doing the same thing, but it doesn’t get bounced around at all. That’s bad news, I really don’t want to replace it. Seems it’s always something!!

  2. If you have a time to sight see, take a run up to Round Top. One would need to go on Wednesday thru Sunday. It is quite interesting. James Dick, international pianist, has developed the Texas Music Conservatory. The buildings remind one of European concert Hall. Normally at the office the lady will give a tour. Roder’s is noted for his pies.

  3. He Nick, how many miles do you have on that TV anyways?

  4. Nick, my RCA TV was doing the same thing as yours. It started doing it about every 15 minutes and then got more and more frequent. It is mounted in a cabinet and it I propped the door open and put a fan in the cabinet so it got ventilation, it helped the problem for awhile. Took it to a repair place since it was custom mounted and didn’t want to rebuild the cabinet. Turned out, LED TV’s have something called a “Backlight Generator” and when it goes bad, that’s the result. You can probably get it fixed if there’s a good TV repair place where your at.

  5. You would think that the TV doesn’t bounce as much as some do. Ours goes up and down in a cabinet and I feel it won’t last as long as the ones mounted another way.

  6. we have been lucky with the TV we had put in 5 yrs ago at Duncan’s in Indiana. It is solidly mounted where the old chunky one was, but is solid and will not move at all. We now have the one in the bedroom going out and looking for someplace to put one in without having to go all the way back to Indiana to do it. This is low priority on the to due list since we only watch it a half hour listening to the news before bed. Nick just finished your latest Big Lake Book, once again once started had hard time putting it down. LOVED IT.

  7. Nik the next time your TV goes blank try going to another channel a back again that works for me. I use the up or down for channel selector. I have a Visio and do this to do the fix. My TV is a home TV my rv has the older TVs since the install is about 4 Times the cost of the TV itself for a flat screen. I also have a USA made Zenith that’s 43 years old best one ever I watch it every day. since I have tossed out 3 flat screens.

  8. Nick, make sure that you are using the original 12v cord for your 7720. I used one for a tom tom on mine. It would work for a while then go all goofy. Had to let the battery go dead to reset it. The unit was hot when it did this. I found that the original cord put out more power. Keep on having fun!!

  9. I recently learned a tip from another rv blogger. There is a blocking feature on some cell phones that will allow you to block all calls except those you list as permitted numbers. I have a Samsung 4 and i believe he used an i phone so you might check this out to prevent the annoying “wrong number calls” during your sleeping hours. I hated leaving the phone off or the sound turned down so we did not miss an emergency call from family. Now all our kids and immediate family numbers can come through during the blocked time frame but no others. It also eliminates sounds from email or other notifications that might post during these hours.

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