Cold, Gray and Ugly

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Jan 242015

No, I’m not referring to my ex-wife. Really, I’m not. I swear. I’m talking about the weather here in Tuscaloosa, Alabama the last couple of days. It’s been downright miserable. We even had a few snow flurries predicted for Friday night!

Today it’s supposed to be clear, with highs in the low 50s. That may not be ideal, but it’s better than what we’ve been having. If it’s calm, my son Travis and I may get the drone in the air for a while, and if there’s any wind we’ll try my Prism Snapshot speed foil instead.

In yesterday’s blog I wrote that I bought a UDI U818A quadcopter with a built-in camera and Travis and I were having a lot of fun with it. So much fun that it will be staying here when we leave and I’ll order myself another one once we get to Texas. Yeah, I’m a good dad. Smile

I have to say that Terry and I are not overly impressed with Tuscaloosa. On April 27, 2011 an EF5 tornado with 190 mile per hour winds cut a wide swath through Tuscaloosa and on to Birmingham, killing 64 people and doing $2.8 billion in damage. While the city and the University of Alabama have spent millions since then, building everything from parking garages to additional student housing, there are still neighborhoods, especially on the poor side of town, that continue to look like a war zone, with the empty shells of damaged homes untouched.

House ruin

The city seems to live and breathe on the college’s football program and the Crimson Tide is more than a sports team, it’s a religion here. I’ve been to a lot of cities that love their teams, but here I get the feeling that a lot of people would rather have the latest Roll Tide banner or flag than pay their rent.

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Big Lake Blizzard audio

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Thought For The Day – If you go to a bar where everybody knows your name, you’re probably an alcoholic.

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  1. I’m near B’ham enjoying the same weather. You’re right about Tucoloosa: it’s all about football. lol enjoy the sunny day.

  2. So sorry for the inclement weather … your luck’s got to change SOMETIME!! Don’t feel too bad though .. I’m here in sunny Arizona where it’s 38 at night with the Vail gale blowing at 20 mph. My dogs refuse to go outside unless I bribe them with treats!!

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