Dec 092014

We had so many things we had hoped to do while we were here at Pleasant Lake RV Resort in Bradenton. We wanted to visit the Ringling Museum in Sarasota. We wanted to go to Myakka State Park for the airboat tour. We wanted to go to the beach and fly our kites. We wanted to go to fishing on the Sunshine Skyway Pier. I wanted to get the new issue of the paper ready to send to our printer and finish my next Big Lake book, and Terry wanted to get a lot of weaving done.

Instead we got sick, we went through a truckload of Kleenex, we emptied out a refrigerator full of ruined food, took the refrigerator out, bought a residential refrigerator and installed it, and our time here is almost over. They say time speeds up as you get older, but this is getting ridiculous.

Somehow when I made our reservations here, I got my days messed up, and I thought we were due to leave today (the 9th), and that’s when our reservation at the Orlando Thousand Trails preserve began. I was sweating it, since we don’t have the new Samsung refrigerator completely secured yet, but then the ladies in the office here told me that they have us scheduled to leave on Thursday the 11th. Cool, that gave us a couple of extra days to wrap things up.

But when I went online to change our arrival date at Thousand Trails it wanted me to cancel the reservation and make a new one. Ahhh… no. This time of year it might be impossible to get a new one. So yesterday morning I called Thousand Trails and had the reservations department push back our arrival date by two days. So we have today and tomorrow to finish securing the refrigerator, go to the beach, take an airboat ride, go fishing, finish the paper, and tour a museum. We probably won’t get to the book and weaving. Smile

Yesterday we figured out how we want to secure the refrigerator and went to Lowes to get the items we will need. Some guys take their wives to Victoria’s Secret to get them in the mood. Not me, I just turn Miss Terry loose in a home improvement or hardware store. I know what my woman likes.

After dinner yesterday evening John and Kathy Huggins came over for ice cream. Did I mention that we have ice cream and a freezer that will keep it hard? Yeah, I know I did. I just like to rub it in. We had a good time visiting, and we’re going to miss them when we leave here. Fortunately we’ll get together again at the Tampa SuperShow, where we’ll be parked for a week in January. We won’t have a booth and I’m not presenting any seminars, we’ll just be wandering around covering the show and reporting on all the goodies there. If you’re going to be there, I hope we get a chance to meet and say hello.

If you like stories that will give you a thrill and a chill, check out Bedeviled: Tales of the Macabre, by my buddy Cleve Sylcox. It’s a collection of short stories and poems that will take you on an emotional fright-filled fun ride, and it’s free this week on Amazon.

Thought For The Day – Forbidden fruits create many jams.

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  5 Responses to “Where Did The Month Go?”

  1. I’ll be at the Tampa Super RV Show. Plan on purchasing a 5th Wheel. Hopefully I’ll get to see you.

  2. Maybe my calendar malfunctions is contagious.

  3. keeping busy keeps us young, hope you get the refrigerator all secure and you can get a couple of things visited. Since we have been back time is really flying, we needed to replace our propane lines, lucky we have a good friend that helped Mike dig the hole for the new line, now all we are doing is waiting for the only Propane certified person to come put them in. Holes have been dug for two weeks now and we are still waiting, you know we are on TX time, no Murphy is the only licensed propane installer for the area and he is swamped. Move to TX and you will have plenty of time. I am trying to figure out where this year has gone.

  4. Hard ice cream in an RV? Unheard of! I’m jealous.

  5. We’re also going to replace our fridge. Can you tell me which Samsung model you installed? Thank you.

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