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Dec 202014

I don’t think any of us are sorry to see fuel prices getting lower and lower these days. Gasoline here in the Orlando area is averaging about $2.45 a gallon and we saw diesel for $3.11 the other day. I wouldn’t complain a bit if they stabilized right where they are for the next decade or two.

A while back I was looking at some notes from our first year on the road, back in 1999, when we saw gas prices go up from 99¢ a gallon to $1.07 and wondered how long we could enjoy our new fulltime lifestyle if they continued to climb like that. In my mind back then, at $1.25 a gallon we’d have to do some serious thinking about our future as fulltime RVers. Yeah, those were the good old days for sure. Since then we’ve paid almost $5 a gallon a time or two. Those were the not so good days.

Yesterday Jim McManus sent me this gas tax map from an Exxon-Mobile blog last February, showing combined local, state and federal tax rates in each state. As you can see, where you purchase fuel can have a big impact on the cost. That’s why websites like Gas Buddy and Diesel Boss are so important to RVers. Sometimes waiting until you cross a state border to refuel can save you $20 or more on a tank full.

For example, according to this map, the difference in taxes between Florida and Alabama is about 15¢ a gallon. Guess where we’ll be filling up when we leave here in late January?

Gas tax map

Yesterday was a good writing day. Except for a couple of potty breaks and dinner, I pretty much never left my desk, and by the end of the day I had done 5,302 words in my next Big Lake mystery.

While I was busy with all of that, Miss Terry was busy planning her next weaving project. She had a bunch of patterns laid out on her desk and cones of yarn on the bed. I’m not sure what this one’s going to be, but I know that whatever it is, it’s going to be beautiful. They always are.

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Crazy Days test final

Thought For The Day – Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact.

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  6 Responses to “RV Fuel Prices”

  1. Gas prices are dropping like a rock! Jim went into town yesterday & diesel was $3.11 at his favorite station. He wondered if it would be below $3 per gallon before we leave for the SW. When he drove past the station on his way home the price had dropped to $2.99!

    The tax map is interesting–we’re not highest in the nation! I wonder how much of that tax is actually going to improving the transportation infrastructure or is it used to attempt a balanced budget?

    Enjoy your days–looking forward to seeing Miss Terry’s next, shoo-in-to-be-gorgeous project! My brother is a tablet weaver–you end up with bands but they can be very intricate.

  2. Fuel prices in AZ have been dropping too the last few weeks. Gas in Apache Junction yesterday was $2.199/gal and I filled up with diesel about a week ago at $3.199/gal and wouldn’t you know it, it was $2.999/gal yesterday !!

  3. I’d sure like to know where all that gas tax goes in California. Prices near me are still at $3.60 and higher. The reason they’re giving now?? We are at the end of the gas run from both ends of California, so it cost more to deliver it to the central area.

  4. Paid $2.79 for diesel at Shell station in Sliver Springs, FLA near Ocala. Same price at Murphy USA. Don’t know why but it is $.40 to $1.00 cheaper than others in the area. Worth a few miles out of the way.

  5. I still don’t understand why such a difference in gas compared to diesel. Some stations have had almost a dollar difference.

  6. Filled up yesterday in west Texas below $2/gal for gas. I mean $1.99 9/10 is below $2–right??

    Enjoy the Christmas Season with your sweetie.

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