Not Fun At All

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Dec 022014

We were hoping that our Norcold refrigerator would struggle along for just a couple more days, but when we woke up yesterday morning the thermometer inside the refrigerator said it was 62 degrees, and Terry could smell ammonia. So much for that idea.

So we spent the day emptying out the Norcold and hauling food to the trash. We hated seeing all of that money go in to the dumpster but it was too far gone to trust it. We are living out of an ice chest until the new refrigerator gets here on Friday.

Somebody from Facebook asked me why we would throw food away when, if we knew the refrigerator was failing, Terry could have cooked it all and we could have found homeless people to feed instead of feeding a dumpster. Yeah, because we didn’t have anything else to do, right? I guess it’s like the old saying goes, when you’re up to your ass in alligators, it’s hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.

If anybody is going to be at the Orlando Thousand Trails, or at the Escapees park in Bushnell or nearby and needs any of the glass shelves or plastic bins for a Norcold, let me know and you’re welcome to them. We’re not going to mess around trying to pack and ship them, but if we can meet we’ll be happy to do so.

I also called Winnebago’s customer service, gave them our coach’s serial number, and asked for any tips on removing the Norcold. The tech explained the procedure and I also talked to a couple of people who recently made the switch and got their input. I think we can handle it.

Some people have asked if we’ll post any pictures of the swap because they know their Norcolds are going to fail sooner or later. Yes, we’ll cover it all as we go, and then I’ll save it as a page here on the blog.

Because you probably need a break from hearing about the great refrigerator conundrum, here are a couple pictures I took a few days ago at Bradenton Beach. The pictures don’t really show how white the sand is.

Bradenton Beach 2

There were a lot of shells at the water’s edge and Miss Terry found some nice ones. Several had color combinations that she wants to incorporate into her weaving projects.

Bradenton Beach

This guy was on a paddleboard making his way south. I wonder if he got where he was going?


And this was the prettiest sight on the beach.

Terry Bradenton beach

Today Terry may finish up a project on her loom to get it folded up and out of the way before we start taking the Norcold out. In that case, I’ll be writing. Or, we may decide to at least get everything unbolted and get it ready to go out. It depends on how energetic we feel.

Thought For The Day – Who left the bag of idiots open?

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  6 Responses to “Not Fun At All”

  1. I shouldn’t get political but when I seen your thought for the day I thought you was talking about our elected lawmakers in DC……sorry had to do it!

    Good luck on the fridge swap out. It won’t be fun but when it’s done you will be happy you did it.


  2. Nick, nice offer on the shelves and bins. Always thinking about how to help others. One of your finest traits after your love for Miss Terry. Also I know your pictures and comments of the Norcold swp will help many others. Thanks for being Nick.

  3. Hi Nick.
    We had to replace our residential fridge, a 2010 whirlpool gold, last spring. 3 years old and it was pooched. We swapped it out with help from 2 other men. It would not fit through the door of our Tiffin allegro and I had to remove the drivers, side window.
    Hoist the old one out, then the new one in. We had the space beside the coach to back the delivery truck up to the side window and the raised platform of the truck was at the perfect height to easily slide the fridge on its back through the window opening. Something for you to consider.
    Yes I got another whirlpool so it will fit the original opening and bolt on brackets from the old one.
    I’m wondering if these residential fridges are too delicate to be installed in a rolling earthquake as opposed to sitting quietly in someones house. Time will tell. Good luck to you.

  4. Chris and Caron,
    We had a residential fridge in out bus conversion for over 8 years with no problem. So yes, they will handle life on the road.

  5. good luck switching out the fridge, where is Greg when you need him. just kidding hope you have help to do it, I don’t know if you and Terry can do it along. Thank heavens ours has not been on a recall and when we were in Forest City we had them check it out from top to bottom. Of course we cross our finger every time a recall is posted

  6. I would suggest saving the two fans on the back of the fridge. They may come in handy.
    I plan on installing the same fridge in April when we are done gate guarding. After a lot of research I plan on keeping both of the outside vents and closing off on all four sides at the back of the new fridge to avoid any air transfer from outside in. The original vents should provide enough air circulation.
    I currently have two of the fridge fans and a thermostat that I added at the top vent to help cool my Norcold 1200. The rear of the new fridge is enclosed and the manual says to dust it a couple of times a year. I am looking forward to your conversion.

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