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Dec 062014

Before I do anything else, I want to wish our dear friend Kathy Huggins happy birthday. We’re thrilled we get to spend part of your special day with you.

Thursday night we got a telephone call from Home Depot saying that our new Samsung RF 18 refrigerator would be delivered yesterday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Having waited for a legion of repairmen and deliverymen over the years, I was cautiously optimistic. However, at 10 a.m. yesterday the phone rang and it was the delivery company calling to say the crew would be there within a half hour. And sure enough, at 10:30 sharp they pulled up.

There were two young men, and I wasn’t sure what they would say about installing the refrigerator in an RV, since when we were shopping for it the folks at Lowes said absolutely not, they would bring it to the door but their rules would not allow their people to move anything into or out of an RV or boat. But these guys said they do it all the time and went right at it. In less time than it has taken me to write this blog they had the refrigerator inside our Winnebago.

Delivery guys

Going in

It didn’t take them much longer to set it in our cubbyhole and power the Samsung up.

Power on

And here it is with the doors on, humming away.

Samsung installed

It was about 80 degrees yesterday, but within two hours of installation the freezer was at its preset -2 degrees and the refrigerator was at 38 degrees.


The only glitch was that the delivery guys could not hook up the icemaker, because there was not a shutoff valve in the water line that fed the old Norcold. Actually, I imagine there is one someplace, but we couldn’t find it. No problem, they left the water line they brought with them, and John Huggins and I made a quick trip to the nearby Lowes to get the valve we needed. John put it in the line, hooked everything up and we turned the icemaker on. And nothing happened.

The water was on to the back of the refrigerator but it would not go into the icemaker. I asked a couple of RVers I knew who have installed the same refrigerator in their motorhomes, and they said there was a reset button on the bottom of the icemaker. Terry found it and pushed it, and still nothing. Hmmm….

After going back to be sure the new water valve was on, and trying a couple of other things, I logged onto Samsung’s online support chat and talked to a tech there, who said that simply pushing the reset button was not enough, it had to be held down for a full five seconds, and then to wait as much as twelve hours. We went to dinner with John and Kathy, and when we got home there was ice in the bin. Oh happy day! We’re supposed to throw the first few batches of ice away, so we’ll wait until sometime tonight before we use any.

Overall, the entire swap went very well, and easier than we expected. We were glad we did not have to take the old refrigerator out and the new one in through a side window or the windshield, as some folks have had to do. We still have to level the new refrigerator just a tiny bit more, anchor it, and then finish some cosmetic trim work, but you can bet that Miss Terry is one very happy lady! I see ice cream in my future.

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Crazy Days test final

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Thought For The Day – Times are so hard that I just got a pre-declined credit card in the mail.

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  20 Responses to “It’s In!”

  1. Nick how did you cover the holes in the roof and side wall and anchor it down?The new refrigerator looks great.

  2. Nick, great news that your new residential refer is in. AND that you have ice cream in your future, as well! Please keep up the good commentary and pix of how things are done, in particular how you’re gonna anchor it in, as I don’t think that those refers have anchors, do they? Hope ya have a great day regardless.

  3. Your new fridge looks great! Terri will love it, and so will you. If you email me at I can send you a couple of photos that show how we keep our doors closed on our residential fridge without drilling holes in it. We’re fulltimers and have had our ‘real fridge’ for three years now–the best upgrade we’ve done yet!

    Gail Docter

  4. Oh happy day! Terri, how fun was that loading the fridge and freezer…

  5. That looks beautiful and all that space, WOW! Have a happy time with the new Fridge 🙂


  7. That looks great and you will love it, love it, love it! Our biggest issue now is keeping the freezer door from sliding open when we are on the road. We’ve tried a variety of latches (limitation is the cabinet itself) and may have finally found a solution. But we keep a roll of duct tape on hand just in case….had to do that once on those hilly curvy roads in the Ozark Mtns in Arkansas when the prior latches didn’t work out.

  8. Terry and Nick
    Great job on the refrigerate conversion, you all made it look easy. I am glad it went so well for you. Bet you will sleep better at night now.
    Merry Christmas.– Bob

  9. Yay!! I am very happy to see that it went so well. I am looking forward to getting my coach back and seeing an identical fridge looking back at me!!

  10. Nick, I emailed our solution for keeping the doors closed, with photos. Feel free to share them if you want. No failures in three years of fulltiming. I’m tempting fate, aren’t i?


  11. Good to hear. No matter what problems you guys run into, thanks to good friends, Miss Terry, and Nick staying away from the tools, you always come out smelling like roses.

  12. Those appliance delivery guys do a great job, it is impressive that they were able to get that through your front door and in an near upright position. I was concerned that they would lay it down which is a big No-No. It looks great, I know you and Terry will enjoy it. If you can put a small voltage regulator in the refer power line it might save you trouble with the refer control panel at the park’s which have big swings in the AC voltage.

  13. Looks like a BIG awesome fridge to have!! So glad it all went well and things are working now!!

  14. looks great! How do you keep the doors locked while traveling? Any nifty ideas?

  15. There are several ways to keep the doors closed. I’ll post a couple of them in the blog soon.

  16. Maybe I missed it in a previous post, but what are the cu ft and what are the dimensions?

    — jcw

  17. Here is a link to it on Samsung’s website JC

  18. Did you get the model with two icemakers?

  19. Did you get the model with two icemakers?

  20. No, just one ice maker, Jan.

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