How Cold Is It?

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Dec 082014

The freezer in our new Samsung refrigerator is so cold that Terry can’t dish up ice cream until it sits out a few minutes! After years of soft ice cream that we had to eat fast or lose with our old Norcold, what a treat. Smile

Apparently the folks at Norcold are feeling the pressure from so many RVers switching to residential refrigerators and demanding that manufacturers include them in new units. According to an article in RV Daily Report, Norcold has launched its ‘Freedom Unplugged’ campaign touting all of the benefits of their RV refrigerators. Among their claims are that “A residential refrigerator either needs a noisy and smelly generator or you must camp where there is a 50-amp AC hookup, preventing you from visiting our nation’s most beautiful sites.”

50 amps? That’s strange, in a house they’re plugged into 15 amp outlets all the time.

Norcold also wants us to know that their refrigerators “allow RVers to go wherever they want and enjoy the freedom they were looking for when purchasing their RV.”

Well, yeah, unless your Norcold catches fire and burns your RV to the ground, as has happened to too many unfortunate RVers. That kind of puts a damper on things. Maybe Norcold should put the same effort into building a refrigerator that doesn’t start fires in RVs as they do in marketing.

Speaking of RV Daily Report, if you are not a subscriber, you should be. Every day Greg Gerber shares the latest industry news for both those who work in the RV world and those of us who own RVs. I have exchanged e-mails a few times with Greg, but we had never met in person until yesterday. He arrived here at Pleasant Lake RV Resort for a month long stay and went to dinner with us and John and Kathy Huggins from Living The RV Dream. Greg is a nice guy who seems to know everybody in the RV industry and is a wealth of information. I’m looking forward to getting to know him better while we’re here.

Congratulations to David Cross, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of Crazy Days in Big Lake. We had 145 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

I’ve got a couple of books by favorite authors of mine to tell you about today. Lee Hanson’s Swan Song begins with the discovery of a young woman’s body in a swan boat on a small lake in the middle of downtown Orlando. Was it suicide? Body language expert Julie O’Hara doesn’t think so.

And if you are a fan of Russell Blake’s Jet series, check out JET – Ops Files, which tells the story of the early years of Maya, who would go on to become the Mossad’s deadliest operative: the assassin known as Jet. It’s free on Amazon.

Thought For The Day – I’m at that awkward stage between birth and death.

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  5 Responses to “How Cold Is It?”

  1. Nick, thanks so much for the book.

  2. Nick,

    Who is this “Gary” that you went to dinner with, and is a nice guy?


  3. Gary is my imaginary friend, Butch. Don’t you have one?
    But just to make you happy, I changed his name to Greg. 🙂

  4. Nick, MOST of my friends are imaginary, and they’re a LOT more fun than my real ones!

    They also come up with some really great ideas.

  5. Nick, Terry:

    Trying to find the refrigerator that you bought – search for the Samsung RF18 brings up the “old” model (197) and this one RF18HFENBSR I am guessing that is the one you got. BTW, the “old” model is available at my local Sears Store for about 1,200. Go figure.

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