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Dec 012014

Thanks to everybody who posted comments on the blog or Facebook, or sent me e-mails with suggestions for a residential refrigerator to replace our fast failing Norcold RV refrigerator. Quite a few RVers said they swapped out their RV refrigerators for either Samsung RF197 units, which are no longer available, or Samsung RF18s, which replaced them. The only problem is that nobody seemed to have any in stock.

Yesterday Greg White called to say that Sears showed the Samsungs in stock, so we made a beeline for the nearest Sears store, only to find that no matter what their website said, they no longer carry them. But a couple of miles away we stopped at a Home Depot and the gentleman in their appliance department checked his computer and said they had a lot of them in the warehouse. Retail price was $1498, but they were on sale for $998 for their Black Friday sale, with free delivery and free haul away of our old refrigerator, and twelve months interest free financing. Well okay, then, write it up!

The new refrigerator is 18 cubic feet, which is half again as much as the Norcold. Samsung recommends a pure sine wave inverter for it, and ours is modified sine wave. That wasn’t an issue with the Maytag refrigerator we had in our MCI bus conversion, but electronics have come a long way since then and I don’t want to chance hurting the new refrigerator. I plan to buy a small pure sine wave inverter dedicated just to the refrigerator. As I wrote in yesterday’s blog, we seldom boondock any more so that’s not an issue and we’re plugged in almost every night. If not, we can turn it off and food will stay cold all night long.


It will be delivered Friday, so we have a few days to get the Norcold unhooked and out, and we’ll have to do some reconfiguring of the present cabinet that the Norcold is in, but Terry says that shouldn’t be a big problem. I’m more concerned about getting the Norcold loose. When we had the first recall done it took the shop two days to get it loose because it was bolted in from the bottom, back, and even through the roof! And then it was glued to the base. Apparently Winnebago was into overkill when they built our motorhome.

We were dreading dealing with the holiday shopping crowds, but none of the places where we went yesterday, nor the mall where the Sears was or the Home Depot, today were very crowded. No more than on an average day. A couple of the clerks I asked said it was crazy on Friday but the weekend traffic was about normal.

I’ve been craving Chinese food and the Grand China Buffet was in the same parking lot as Home Depot. So that’s where we went for dinner. It was very good. There was an excellent selection, everything was hot and fresh, and the service was friendly. We would definitely eat there again if we were in the area.

Congratulations to Linda Huber, winner of our drawing for an audiobook of George Weir’s The Devil To Pay. We had 124 entries this time around. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Why isn’t there a mouse flavored cat food?

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  1. Hi Nick,

    Congrats on your new frig! You will love all the added room. Just a word of caution though about a residential frig. Be sure to rig up some way to keep the doors closed and tight while you are traveling as we had friends who put in a residential frig and had the doors come open when they made a sharp turn and everything landed on the floor in a big mess. We have a residential frig and bought a door lock from Country Coach (this of course was when they were still in business about 10 years back) that has worked wonderfully. We ended up boondocking for two weeks this summer and never turned the refrigerator off but then we have two pure sine wave inverters as we are all electric (we have five 8D batteries and four solar panels). I was surprised we did as well as we did as we have never gone two weeks before without have any amenities.

  2. Nick, I had my refrigerator replaced last year and love it! Luckily I asked the RV repair center about installing it and he said they would install it for $150 so I let them do the installation. I have 2 8 d batteries with a 3000 watt proline pure sine wave invertor. I am not full time and love turning refrig on &shaving it cold in thirty minutes and not having to worry abou being cold. Good luck and best wishes to you and Terry.

  3. Are you going to fly Greg White in for the swap out? LOL Take care……….

  4. DO NOT SEAL IN the new refrigerator, as was done in reply 13 yesterday. residential refrigerators require air circulation ALL AROUND.If he didn’t seal it in , he wouldn’t have to add a fan or heat. READ the installation instructions for the refrigerator! The residential refrigerator DOES NOT need to be sealed in , there is no gas to block from the living space…

  5. Just another quick word of caution … I tried turning my Kitchenaid off overnight, and yes things were still cold, but not cold enough according to safety regulations regarding food. It got up to 45 degrees rather quickly (and who knows for how many hours), which made the food questionable. I wasn’t willing to take the chance of spending the day locked in my claustrophobic bathroom. If you are in very cold conditions and don’t use your heater, it might be okay. I keep a thermometer inside just in case I do have to turn it off. The good news is there’s no problem with keeping the doors shut on mine. I’ve taken some pretty gnarly corners and it’s never come open.

  6. Congratulations on finding the new RR. In all of the RVs we’ve owned, the present MH has the first RR we’ve ever had in an RV. Suffice it to say, we’d never go back to an RV fridge again.

  7. That is the exact model that is going in my coach. It will require that the side window be removed for extraction of the old Dometic and install of the new Samsung. As far as door closures, a Velcro strap around the two fridge door handles keeps them closed. Some folks wrap velcro from those handles to the freezer handle, but if you pull up too tight, it interferes with the latch and the thing will hang open a bit. Others drill a small hole in the side of the freezer door and install a slide bolt. Be warned that those doors have a vacuum and drilling a hole will VOID the warranty!!! Extra sticky velcro that can be attached to the sides and wrap around to the front a bit seems to work. Other friends concocted a long U-shaped piece of light wood, covered in sort of fuzzy headliner material, that inserted through the top door handles and then extended down through the freezer handle. Weird, but effective. I will try and post a pic.

  8. Tell Terry that I am so jealous!

  9. Who needs Greg when Nick has Terry ,All he has do is stay out of her way.

  10. Nick, based on the photo that you posted of your new fridge, keeping the doors closed while underway could be as simple as a bungee cord tightly looped through the handles of all 3 doors. This method worked fine for us with the residential fridge in our MCI 102A3 foe the 6 years that we were fulltimers.

    Congrats on the good deal and on having a residential fridge again!

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