Change Is A Constant

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Dec 142014

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus got it right when he said, “Change is the only constant in life.” And nobody knows that better than RVers. Everywhere we go there are new places to explore, new people to meet, and new foods to discover.

Even chain stores are different from one place to another. For example, some WalMarts have the pharmacy department on the left side of the store, while others have it on the right side. And just to make things interesting, others have it somewhere in the rear of the store! A quick stop for toothpaste can turn into an hour long excursion as you make your way past the Clothing Department, fight your way through Housewares, get lost in Electronics, and detour through Sporting Goods. All that for a stinking tube of Crest!

It can be more of a hassle finding a hairdresser, manicurist, or barber in a strange town. If you don’t know a local to ask for a reference, it’s a crapshoot. You may go in for “a little off the top” and walk out looking like a freshly shorn Marine boot camp recruit.

Some RVers enjoy these quests, while it gets tiresome for others. And it’s not just with people; I’ve known RVers with pets that could not handle the stress of constant changes as they traveled. Imagine being a dog – you go outside and there is your favorite tree and your favorite patch of grass to roll in, and then one day they open the door and there’s a desert or beach out there!

Of course, you could always limit your RV travels to the same places all the time, and then change won’t be such an issue. But what fun is that? Why have wheels under your house if you don’t let them roll?

So what do you think about the constant changes the RV lifestyle presents? Do you embrace them, or do you long for the familiar?

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Thought For The Day – Just once I would like to see a TV commercial for a new medicine and hear them say, “Warning, side effects include weight loss, wrinkle reduction, and increased energy.”

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  9 Responses to “Change Is A Constant”

  1. Unfamiliar places is one reason we got used to shopping at Walmart Supercenters. Basically there are only two layouts: left and right.

    That said, there are advantages to wandering into a local independent supermarket. They frequently have stuff you never see at home, like big sacks of fresh chiles in the southwest, or 6 types of smoked salmon in Alaska. It’s all about the adventure!

  2. We found out what you’re saying on a long 3 month excursion. But the fun and excitement of new places outweighs the “constant change” problem for us! Love your thought for the day!

  3. we love the adventure of different places that is why we chose to full time. True we shop mostly at Wal-Mart but even they can be a challenge you are use to toothpaste being on isle 7 at your local wally world but is on isle 12 at another. It is as you said and adventure. I usually stick to the hairdressers at wally world since they usually do a great job. As for midnight,he loves traveling and does very well with changes as long as he knows we are with him, his only complaint is where there is suppose to be grass it is a bunch of sticker that cause him trouble

  4. We relish the challenge of adapting quickly to new situations and environments. We rarely shop in Wallmart preferring to discover and explore the local chains whenever we can. Most recently, for example, we discovered the Rouse chain of supermarkets in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. They may be in other neighboring states as well. Truly a “world class” supermarket chain.

    As for my hair… Well that’s another story! 😉

  5. We spend the winter months at North Ranch, but love those wheels turning April – November. The dog seems to love having new places to smell and leave his mark. While we can, those wheels will move. People ask us if we are snow birds. Since our house is in AZ., I tell them no, we are sun birds…we follow the sun.

  6. Ray Stevens sings a song,”When you get a haircut you better go back home” which is great and addresses a big problem for us full-timers.

  7. I find some mornings waking up and for a few seconds, wondering where I am. When it “hits” me, it puts a smile on my face. You won’t get that in a house.

  8. We love all the variations in the rv lifestyle. We are able to travel 6 months a year and enjoy finding the local markets and produce stands. We’ve found great ones all over, from the Outer Banks to Gettysburg, including the abundant produce in Ventura County, CA. The haircut thing has been a thorn in my side, I never know what I’m going to get, good or bad. We’ve had physicals in So Cal, Reno and MT, all good medical providers. Don’t forget the Wal Marts that have the pharmacy section in the middle of the store, that started with Store #1 in Rogers, AR, guess they thought it was a good floorplan, we’ve seen that in several cities.

  9. We love all the excitement with new places. As to haircuts well they are sorta like a box of chocolates!!

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