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Nov 062014

As I wrote a couple of days ago, Terry and I have long thought that if we ever hang up the keys, it might be in Titusville, Florida. And after spending several days in St. Augustine last week, we added it to our “possible” list when and if that day ever comes. However, while both places have a lot going for them, after having just come directly from there to Titusville, this laid back community on the Space Coast is still #1 on our list.

While St. Augustine is beautiful and has a lot to offer, it’s also just a little too busy for us with all of those tourists coming and going all the time. Things move at a slower pace here in Titusville and it just seems to suit us better. It has a WalMart SuperCenter, good restaurants, and anything you can’t find locally is not far away in Orlando.

The Indian River Lagoon separates Titusville from Merritt Island, home to the Kennedy Space Center and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. There are several small parks along the river, offering places to fish, picnic, or just hang out and watch the water. The Lagoon is a mixture of salt and fresh water and fishermen can hook anything from tarpon and snook to black drum and redfish. Boaters and fishermen frequently see bottlenose dolphin, manatees, and alligators.

Indian River

We stopped to check out the small wooden pier at Rotary Park, right downtown. While not as high or as impressive as some of the ocean piers we saw further north, it’s a peaceful place with just a couple of fishermen casting their lines.

Rotary Park Pier

The A. Max Brewer Bridge connects Titusville to a causeway leading to the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Under the bridge on the west side of the Indian River are the two concrete spans of Veterans Pier, and at the east end of the bridge there is a boat launch and fishing area. A fishing license is required, but access to all of the piers is free.


Veterans Pier

Veterans Pier sunset

The 140,000 acre Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge is home to more than 1,500 species of plants and animals, including a huge population of birds, alligators, manatee, and fish.

Stalking bird 2

Blue Heron 2


Big gator 4

Merritt Island is also home to the Canaveral National Seashore and Playalinda Beach. Playalinda is actually a series of several beaches stretching for several miles on the Atlantic Ocean, the northernmost being a nude beach. It’s probably best I don’t go there. I wouldn’t want to make the jellyfish blush.

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  9 Responses to “We Like Titusville”

  1. Florida can be very attractive, but if weather is important to you . . . you might want to experience June through November continuously before committing to living there permanently. If you can be elsewhere during those months, then Florida might be just the place for you. I lived there for 36 years, and “out West” for the last almost 30 years. I have no desire to ever see Florida again. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, though. You may feel entirely different. Many people do. ;->

    Virtual hugs,


  2. We love it here in T’ville. Yes, it gets hot in the summer but that’s what AC is for. And while we have not been here in the summer for 18 years as we RV then, we love the winters and friendly people. No place is perfect but T’ville sure is nice.

  3. Sounds to me you’ve decided Florida is your favorite place.

  4. We like Willow Lakes RV Park in Titusville and we’ll be there next week for four months and we are looking forward to the new micro brewery in the historic downtown area that will be opening soon. http://www.playalindabrewingcompany.com/

  5. Titusville USED to be our favorite spot until Nick talked about it in his blog. Now it will be too crowded for us. Oh, the woo of having someone famous write a blog!

  6. We have settled in Melbourne just south of Cocoa. Love Cocoa Village and Historic Melbourne. All of the parks are free in Brevard County including the beaches. We do go north during the summer months.

  7. You have forced me to put Titusville FL on me bucket list!!!!! stop don’t tell me any more. Say again where you put the RV in Park and put the levels on, can’t wait

  8. What no comment on that nice little bridge Nick?

  9. That one doesn’t bother me in the car, Gary, it has high walls. Not ready to try it in the RV though.

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