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Nov 042014

I think all fulltime RVers occasionally visit a place and think, “Hmmm… if we ever hang up the keys…” In our 15+ years on the road, Terry and I have found three such places; the Rockport-Port Aransas, Texas area; Titusville, Florida; and now St. Augustine. We’re nowhere close to that point in our lives yet, and hopefully we never will be, but we have added this friendly, historic community to our short list “just in case.”

Instead of going back to the tourist draws downtown that we’ve been exploring, we spent yesterday checking out some the other areas to get a better feel for the place.

There are a couple of RV parks a few miles south of downtown along Highway A1A, including Bryn Mawr Ocean Resort, a very friendly oceanfront place where you can buy your own lot. We also stopped at Ocean Grove RV Resort, but I can’t tell you anything about it, since the rude woman at the front desk checked with her manager and then would not allow us to drop off a sample bundle of papers or do a drive through to check it out.

St. Augustine Beach is a separate town that seems to cater to a more affluent crowd, not that it is snooty at all. Everybody we met there was friendly and had a smile on their face. And best of all, it has a pier, too! In case you haven’t noticed it yet, I have a thing for piers.

Pier 3

The handicapped accessible St. Augustine Beach Pier is owned and operated by St. Johns County and extends 500 feet into the ocean. There is a small bait shop, clean restrooms, and plenty of free parking. Open 24 hours a day, there is a $1 fee to walk out on the pier, and fishing is $2 a day for residents and $3 for nonresidents. No fishing license is required. If you are age 60 or over and a resident of St. Johns County, there is no fee.

We spent some time out on the pier and since it was a breezy, cool day, there were only a few people fishing, and only one had caught a single whitefish. There were a handful of surfers enjoying the waves, and the views were spectacular from the pier. Yeah, no doubt about it, I could live here.

View from Pier 2

View from Pier 3

But not anytime soon. We’re still having way too much fun exploring every corner of this great land of ours. There are many places we have enjoyed and want to get back to again, like New England, Branson, the Oregon Coast, to name just a few, and hundreds, if not thousands, we still haven’t seen. You might think we’ve managed to whittle it down after so long on the road, but the more we travel the bigger our bucket list gets!

Today it’s time to return to another of our favorite places; Titusville. It’s only about 90 miles south so we should have an easy run. We’ll spend a week there before we cross the state to Bradenton, where we plan to sit still for a month. I want to get some writing done and Miss Terry has several weaving projects to get on the loom. We’re looking forward to some downtime.

Thought For The Day – If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner. – Tallulah Bankhead

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  4 Responses to “And A Pier Too!”

  1. Nick, I am confused. I understand from your post that you do not like bridges; is that correct? I am sorry but your logic is flawed. A pier is just a bridge that is not connected to the other bank but you like piers!!! LOL Sorry, I just could not help myself. Please be careful on the road.


  2. sounds like you are having a great time in Florida, glad that you are actually playing tourists and enjoying the city. Sounds like a good deal about no fishing license required and only $2 to fish, my question on that you said there is a $1 fee just too walk out on it, if you fish does that include that extra $1 they charge or is it really $3 to fish, which is still a good deal since fishing licenses cost so much now days

  3. I was wondering how the bucket list gets shorter. It’s kind of like the closet, you add one thing and remove two. Somehow I must have the bucket list backwards, as we cross off one, we must add two more.

  4. It’s a mystery to me too, Rex. But much of me is flawed, not just my logic. 🙂
    Elaine, the $1 fee is for anyone NOT fishing. It is not in addition for those fishing.

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