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In a blog post a few days ago I wrote that I had crossed something off my bucket list by catching a saltwater fish from the pier in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. But somebody said it wasn’t official, since a fellow who was fishing actually hooked the fish and then handed me the pole. And Al Hesselbart, whom I defer to on all things concerning antique RVs (because he’s an antique RVer himself), claimed that the fish was foul hooked because he didn’t see a hook in its mouth. (There was, but when you get to be Al’s age your eyesight starts to go, along with a lot of other things.)

Well, now it’s official. We went back to the pier yesterday, and on the very first cast with my brand new Ugly Stik fishing rod combo, I hooked this lizardfish. They are ugly and have a mouth full of sharp teeth, but it’s a fish, and I hooked it myself, right in the mouth!


We spent several hours on the pier, most of the time casting Gotcha plugs. The fishing wasn’t as good as it was when we were on the pier watching other anglers the other day, but I did manage to catch one very nice bluefish.

Nick with bluefish

Eventually all that casting was making my arms and back talk to me, and what they were saying wasn’t very nice, so I switched to bottom fishing and caught a few small pinfish that were about half the size of some of the stuff I used to have in my aquarium.

Meanwhile, Miss Terry was still casting away, and as the afternoon wore on I was really hoping that she’d catch at least one fish. I suggested she switch to a bottom rig too, so she’d have something to reel in, but she was determined and kept right on casting. And not too long before sunset she landed a nice bluefish of her own! That’s my girl!

Terry with bluefish

Bluefish are voracious predators that will hit anything that moves, and it was evidenced with Terry’s fish. When we were taking the lure out of its lip Terry discovered that it had another small fish in its mouth!

There are not many places on the east coast where you can watch the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, but because of a sharp curve on the coastline we got this pretty view from the pier.

Atlantic Beach sunset 2

We fished until after dark, when we were too tired to cast any more and our stomachs were complaining. Then we called it a day, with sore muscles and some beautiful memories.

When they read we were going to be in this area, a couple of blog readers recommended we try the shrimp burger at a little place called El’s Drive-in. Then while we were on the pier, somebody else told us to check it out. With that many people saying the same thing, we decided to take their advice on our way home from the pier. El’s is a little place and you get your food to go or eat in your car, and all I can say is wow! The food was fantastic and the service fast and friendly. I wish we would have stopped here our first night in town.

Eels Drive in

We have enjoyed our time here in Morehead City. It’s a place I could live, if I had to live in just one place. Small town friendliness, but all of the services you need, and the ocean at your doorstep. Yes, it gets hot and humid in the summer, and yes, they get hurricanes. But California has earthquakes and other places have different things that can kill you. As my old man used to say, you pays your money and you takes your chances. But, as fulltime RVers, the great thing is that we don’t have to live in just one place.

Thought For The Day – Sooner or later everyone sits down to a banquet of consequences. – Robert Louis Stevenson

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  5 Responses to “This One’s Official”

  1. Far as I’m concerned, you reeled him in, you caught him!!! So that makes three!! Congrats Miss Terry … love to see my fellow fisherwomen catching dinner!!

  2. Well, you are in NC during some of the best weather times….some years those were few and far between tho’ my NC daughter says this summer was not so hot!!

  3. So glad you both caught fish! Nice pictures!

  4. And did you dress them out for dinner

  5. No Linda, we gave then to another fisherman for his dinner.

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