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Oct 282014

Every so often when I don’t have anything else to write about I post a blog about useful products for RVers, and they always seem to be well received, so here goes again. I hope you find a thing or two that help making your RV travels safer and more enjoyable.

Pet Rescue Decals – The only thing worse than losing your RV to a fire while you are away is to lose your pets with it. Post these stickers on your windows so firefighters will know your furkids are inside.


Road Refresher Non Spill Dog Bowl – Eliminate spills and keep your RV floors dry with this easy to clean travel bowl.


Infrared Gun – No RVer should leave home without an infrared thermometer. Use it to check tire temperatures when you make a pit stop, to detect overheated wheel bearings, and more.


Rhino Sewer Hose – In our 15+ years on the road I’ve tried every sewer hose out there and the RhinoFlex is the best of the best. I have three in different lengths and enough adapters to reach any sewer outlet.

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Sidewinder Sewer Hose Support – A good sewer hose support makes dumping easier and helps prevent sludge buildup in your sewer hose.


RV Battery Fill Kit – Eliminate spilling and make topping off your RV batteries quick and easy with this system.


Battery Tender – More than a trickle charger, this automatic system will makes sure your batteries are ready to go anytime you pull your RV out of storage and hit the road.

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Oxygenics Shower Spa – Are you tired of wimpy water pressure when you take a shower? You will be amazed at how well this easy to install showerhead works. Every RVer I know who has one loves it.


State Map Sticker Set – What’s an RV trip without something to remember it by? Show the world where you’ve been with this handsome map set.


Electronic Lock Drawer Safe – Keep your jewelry, passports and important papers safe with this easy to install safe.

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And I have a couple of good books to tell you about today. If you are a science fiction fan, be sure to check out The Enclaves of Sylox, the first book in T.R. Harris’ Agent to the Stars series.  And for mystery lovers, check out my friend Jason Deas’ Birdsongs, the first book in his Benny James mystery series, a fast-paced story about a former FBI agent who just wants to live the good life on his houseboat, but dead people keep turning up to interfere with his retirement.

Thought For The Day – I’ve been homesick for countries I’ve never been, and longed to be where I couldn’t be. – John Cheever

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  3 Responses to “More RV Goodies”

  1. Just picked up a new hose sewer system yesterday from Lippert. It looks like a good piece. What I like about it is the cam lock locks on the hose. Also the inside of the hose is smooth and it has a shut off lever. Thinking I’m going to like it.

  2. The answer to avoiding battery spills is AGM batteries. I have a set of 6 6v I purchased in 2007 that I have never put a drop if water in and their still going strong even in the AZ heat. They’re a little pricey up front but the ease of maintenance and longevity make them well worth the price.

  3. good information on good products, for me and all pet owners that safe the pet sticker is so important. No owners should not have one of these since they are part of your family.

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