I Prefer Hitch Itch

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Oct 252014

All fulltime RVers know about hitch itch, that malady that affects us when we’ve stayed in one place too long. It starts out with a mild case of the doldrums, then we find ourselves reading about our friends’ traveling adventures on Facebook and start to envy them, even when they are in places we don’t like, and before we know it we’re standing outside looking wistfully at the horizon and wondering what lies over it.

Yeah, I know all about hitch itch, and I know how to scratch it. Disconnect those campground utilities, hook the toad up to the tow bar and fire up that diesel engine. It’s time to hit the road, baby!

Unfortunately, we’re dealing with a completely different kind of itch right now and it’s not fun. A few days ago when we were sitting in an outside dining area at a restaurant, a swarm of little black gnats descended on us and now our arms (mine more so than Terry’s) are covered in little red itchy bites. I’ve tried everything from an After Bite ammonia pen, to both Benadryl and calamine lotion, to taking antihistamine tablets and nothing really seems to help for very long. The itching was so bad that I only got about four hours sleep Thursday night. I just want to rip my skin off. I know that scratching only makes things worse, but who can help it? Given the two, I much prefer hitch itch.

Today I want to wish a happy birthday to a very special lady, our friend Jan White. I hope you have a wonderful day and that Greg takes you someplace nice for dinner. I wish we were there to help you celebrate. We love you.

Jan Escapade

Yesterday we drove about 50 miles north to Yemassee, South Carolina to pick up the new issue of the Gypsy Journal at a freight dock. So you know what Miss Terry will be doing for the next few days. Today I’ll be sending out the link to the digital edition to our digital subscribers.

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Thought For The Day – A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving. – Lao Tzu

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  9 Responses to “I Prefer Hitch Itch”

  1. Nick, I’m so sorry for your miseries there. For what little it’s worth, especially after all you’ve done thus far, I have one suggestion.

    One night, my sleep was disturbed by unrelenting itching on one of my arms. I tried lotions, etc., No luck. I researched the Internet and found a suggestion that actually worked for me: ice. I applied ice directly to the agitated skin for several minutes and eventually, the itching diminished sufficiently so that I could finally get some sleep.

    You may have too many bites to cover all of them with ice. I just wanted you to know my luck with ice; it couldn’t possibly hurt after all you’ve been through, and maybe it will help.

    Good luck!

  2. I’m very allergic to no-see-um bites. I tried every thing, including several very expensive Rx from my doctor. I was able to get some relief by putting straight ammonia on the bites (one night I was so desperate that I was putting anything I could find in the trailer on to stop the itching). Finally my husband found something called Chiggerex 2X…….problem solved! He found it at the WalMart stand alone grocery store in Melbourne FL. It is distributed by Scherer Labs LLC in Daytona Beach.

  3. Sounds like those pesky black gnats we have here when it’s dry. So here’s the remedy I found to work the best on my trip with the Westerfields. It seems when things bite, they leave behind a trace of saliva. That’s what makes us itch so bad. In years past, I’ve used ice, which works pretty good. This summer, I got mad!! As soon as I noticed them, I took a kitchen sink scrubby to the spots, followed by washing with lots of hot soapy water. I still had a spot or two bother me, but the majority quit itching immediately. Benadryl helped at night also.

  4. Nick
    You should try “Cortisone 10” It works great it is in a tube. Nothing else seems to stop the itch and pain than Cortisone 10. Only one problem I am not sure you can buy it in the USA. You will have to ask the pharmacist to find out. But it is the best.
    Kathy Rousseau
    It’s about time

  5. Bill had 47 chigger bites between his waist and tops of his thighs–those tender private spots. One doctor in Huntsville prescribed some lotion that was $147 our portion. It really helped. I’ve never figured out why he seems to get bit and I don’t. We were told to wash the clothes in very very hot water and iron them.

  6. My sympathy is with you Nick, we just went thru a similar thing a couple of weeks ago when we were down at the coast, both of us got bitten so bad we almost went to the the doctor. The ice thing sounds wonderful,wish we would have thought about that even for a temporary relief. Even the scrubbing did not work for us, we did get lucky and talked to a pharmacist and he did recommend After Bite, it was a god send for us, it may have worked because the bites were the a few days old, those are nasty critters, even sprayed with bug spray that had deate in it, true Mike did get a few more bites than I did and he complained a lot more than me also.

  7. When a yankee first comes south it’s garonteed they will be eaten alive by red bugs! After walking through tall grass with my wife’s uncle,shortly after making my life changing move south, I thought I was going to die! When I found that uncle D K didn’t have one bite , I asked him for the reason ! His answer, It’s what youall never eat, Iffin youall are going to become rednecks you had better start eating Cajun.Well I found that I had a hankering for hot and spicy and forced myself to indulge, that was 40 some years ago and I can’t remember getting bitten ,after the start of hot and spices .There has to be something to it because I don’t know a person who et like this all their life ever got bitten ! If you plan on coming south you had better put that on your bucket list ! Ken

  8. I was in the process of turning some itchy

    bites into open wounds a few months ago and got some Caladryl. It is a clear lotion type product and lasted for several hours.

  9. We refer to our wanderlust as “restless wheels syndrome”. It sounds like you may have been attacked by chiggers. Try some OTC meds for chiggers – it should work wonders for you.

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