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Some people are their own worst enemy and nothing you can say to them will keep them from getting into trouble. The best you can do is step back to a safe spot and watch the train wreck that is surely coming.

Case in point; I got an e-mail a few days ago from a fellow who is a new fulltime RVer, but when he discovered how much insurance was going to be on his motorhome and car as a fulltimer, as opposed to what it was when he was just a weekend camper, he decided not to tell his insurance company about his change in status. He insured them using his son’s address (father and son are Senior and Junior).

Then, and the reason he was e-mailing me for advice, the insurance company contacted him to ask why his drivers license and the RV and car registrations all had a Livingston, Texas address. (For those who may not know it, Livingston is where the excellent Escapees mail forwarding service is located.) He said he told the person on the telephone that there was some kind of mistake, his son had moved to Livingston, but that he and his vehicles were still in Michigan. Now they are sending him some new paperwork to fill out to confirm the information he gave them on his policy.

I advised him not to play games like that, and that it was going to bite him in the butt. At the very least he’ll get dropped and may have a hard time finding any insurance company after that and that if he were to get in an accident or have a loss to his RV, the insurance company might well deny his claim since he obtained it by committing fraud. He said he was willing to take his chances to save the money. Yeah, it’s gonna be a hell of a train wreck!

What’s he going to save on his policy premiums? Maybe a couple hundred dollars? Compare that to what he has to lose.

I hear from people all the time who live in a state with high registration fees who want to know how to register in a less expensive state to save money. That’s another accident waiting to happen. Perhaps the worst was the couple a while back who couldn’t get financing and wanted to know if I would make up an IRS Form 1099 to show that they worked as advertising sales reps for me and made over $50K a year. They don’t work for us, and I don’t make that much! I declined to be a part of their bank fraud. Folks, don’t play games like this. It’s just not worth it. You will get caught and the results are not going to be pleasant.

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Thought For The Day – A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. – Irish proverb

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  8 Responses to “He’s Gonna Get Burned!”

  1. I have discovered that honesty is always the best policy. And to try to save a few dollars lying is going to eventually be a very bad decision. That couple who asked you to make up a phony employment form are incredibly stupid and pushy. They want you to possibly get in real trouble with the IRS? They live among us and breed. Sigh

  2. No problem. When they get caught they will cry out loudly to anyone that will listen: “This is not fair!!” “I have been wronged.”

    Well, let me tell you, sport, you brought it on yourself. The person responsible can be found in the closest mirror.

  3. The thing that surprised me one day was a person that preached religion and still managed to lie to get their mortgage forgiven. Just not right!

  4. the old saying goes you cannot fix stupid, and these two cases make the point, in case of an accident they are not only hurting themselves but may hurt others or worst case kill someone.

  5. Today’s blog is why I have decided not to get rid of all my stuff and property, I built my own home , It took me about 12 years working a full time job. Pay as you go but it’s been free rent for the last 25 years. Why should I get rid of it now,Here in Louisiana I have homestead exemption,no taxes,I just. Purchased a like new Airstream trailer at an amazing 1/2 the orig, price , so it’s only 19 ft long, big enough for me an my little dog. Here’s why some might think about La.as home base ,title and license plate are perminant ! The cost was higher than yearly rate but only $70.00 total now they don’t advertise this but it ‘s true Only for any kind of trailer,not cars or trucks. I hope to be on the road soon but can come home any time I want and still have my shop and lots of tools and stuff I don’t need to make any more income as I should be able to make it on my retirement with benefits! In case you wondered I’ll be pulling my Airstream with my 3500 dodge dully diesel with less than 40 thousand miles on it ,Most would say overkill. But the truth is the truck never knows if it’s mt or loaded, still gets around 18 – 20 mpg. I expect better mpg when it gets more miles on it! Ken happy trails.

  6. I had a brother-in-law who pulled that kind of crap all the time. Three times his house or garage was “broken into” and he lost expensive guns, tools, stereos and the like. But he never any of them! He would drive around on license plates from one car on another and even pasted a registration sticker on his plate from a wrecked car. My wife and I kept telling him it was going to come back and bite him and he’d just laugh. Well sure enough, last year he got nailed. He got in an accident with no insurance and a fake insurance card. It’s going to cost him a small fortune to get out of it, and he might do jail time. He’s not laughing anymore!

  7. If you can’t afford dog food, don’t buy a dog.

  8. There are very few secrets today, with the internet and all…this guy must be senile….and ought not to be driving anymore, much less a big rig!!

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