A Move South

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Oct 312014

We really enjoyed our two weeks at Hilton Head Island Motorcoach Resort, but all good things must come to an end, and it was time to move on. The great thing about being a fulltime RVer is that when you leave one good place, you can go right to another. And that’s just what we did!

We left Hilton Head at 10:15 yesterday morning, and drove 27 miles west to Interstate 95, making a stop for fuel along the way. Wow, $3.39 for diesel! We have not seen it that cheap in a long time.

Once we were headed south on the superslab, we crossed into Georgia and kept rolling until we pulled into the Florida Welcome Center for a pit stop. From there it is was a quick scoot around the west side of the Jacksonville metro area on I-295, and we arrived at the Elks lodge in St. Augustine at 3 p.m. The lodge has back in sites on hard packed gravel with 30 amp electric and water for $20 a night. Not a bad deal and we’re within walking distance to the beach!

Winnie St Augustine Elka

By the time we were parked and hooked up we were both hungry, and since we’re in the land of Sonny’s Barbecue, we found one not far away and headed there for dinner. Sonny’s is one of our favorite restaurants and this one did not disappoint.

The Elks lodge does not have a dump station, but there is one at Anastasia State Park, just a mile away, so after dinner we stopped at the beach to check it out. Some people are mountain people or desert people, but Terry and I are never more at peace then when we’re on a beach. Being near the ocean just soothes our souls in a way that nothing else can do.

St Augustine beach clouds

St Augustine beach pretty

It was late in the day and there were only a couple of people on the beach. We wandered around for a while, picking up seashells and soaking in the sea air and just appreciating how blessed we are in life.

St Augustine beach and pier 2

We even took a selfie. My first, and probably my last, too. I have no idea what this woman sees in me, but she’s always there when I wake up every morning. She could do so much better.

Nick Terry loving

We got back to the motorhome just before a storm rolled in with lots of thunder and heavy rain. Mother Nature timed it perfectly to knock out our satellite TV signal while the season premier of The Big Bang Theory, our favorite TV show, was on and the signal returned a few minutes after the program ended.

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Thought For The Day – Wandering re-establishes the original harmony which once existed between man and the universe. – Anatole France

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  6 Responses to “A Move South”

  1. It was NOT the season premier of BBT. Nick it has been on Monday’s at 8:00 for a few weeks. Now that Thursday night football has stopped they are back on then.
    Oh I just go to CBS.Com and watch the Amazing Race or Survivor if I missed them on their 1st showings.

  2. What a beautiful photo of the two of you, you were made for each other. Have a great winter down there in Florida.

  3. You can go to cbs.com and see last nights showing of TBBT.

  4. Smart women are happy if they find a good man who loves them and is a good companion. No doubt you are that for Terry. Looks do fade, eventually for EVERYONE!! Tis what is inside that counts!! Looks like a nice spot to be for awhile. And you are in the South in some of the best times temperature wise. Missing the summer is always wise there!! Tis rainy now here in Seattle area…but no complaints….muffles the sounds from the noisy community center across the street….and in fact, keeps crazies off the sidewalks near our windows too!! Makes walking a bit hard, but we try to catch it when there is a break in the rain. Tis lovely to walk where you can smell the sea air and see the water…we are enjoying our sojourn here. Wishing many more happy days to you and Terry.

  5. Wonderful picture of the two of you. You are both blessed to have each other in your lives.

  6. Nick we live a little bit north of St. Augustine and Sunday morning it’s supposed to be in the 30’s. I’m blaming you for the cold weather. And next time you lose the satellite signal put the bat wing up. You should be getting all the Jacksonville stations at the Elks. Welcome to sunny Florida.

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