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I wrote in yesterday’s blog that we needed to find a shop to look at the front end of our Explorer. The front tires were wearing on the inside and we’ve had a vibration and occasional clunking noise. I got on the Thousand Trails Facebook group and asked if anybody here could recommend a shop in this area. I got several recommendations, including Benny’s Automotive in Gloucester. When I called yesterday they said to bring it in and they’d take a look.

As I suspected, the upper ball joints needed to be replaced, so this morning I have to have it back to the shop at the ungodly hour of 8 a.m. Instead of running around with things hanging over my head waiting for an opportunity to break down at the least opportune time, I believe in having everything done at once if I find a shop I’m comfortable with, so we’ll also put on four new tires and get an oil change. Hey, it’s only money, right? Or plastic.

If we get out of the shop early enough we plan to run over to Yorktown so Terry can get her Old Farts National Parks Pass. It’s a good deal for anyone age 62 and over. The one-time fee is $10 and it gets the pass-holder and up to 3 people in their vehicle into National Parks and Historic sites free, as well as a lot of other benefits, including discounts at Corps of Engineers campgrounds.

Yesterday I got confirmation from the folks at the Escapees that I’ll be a featured speaker at Escapade in Tucson in March 8-13. I’ll be doing four or five seminars, including Highway History And Back Road Mystery, The Frugal RVer, and The Reluctant RVer.

I did a seminar called Boondocking Tips & Tricks at the Escapade in Goshen last May, but I’d prefer not to do that one if they can find somebody else. While we used to do a lot of boondocking, in fact our longest stint was over 7 months not hooked up to any utilities, we seldom do that any more. As we’ve gotten older we have reached the point where we appreciate full hookups.

When I replied to Wanda Lewis, the seminar coordinator, I suggested doing a self-publishing seminar or maybe my How To Be A Smart RV Shopper. We’ll see what they decide they want me to do. Whatever it is, I’m up for it. I hope we see a lot of you at the rally.

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The Journals of Jacob and Hyde

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  3 Responses to “Break Out The Credit Card”

  1. Nick, we used to tow a Jeep Cherokee, and we were going through tires at a regular clip. A mechanic told us to get the front end aligned, and to tell the shop the car was towed. Evidently they adjust the camber differently for towed vehicles to save tire wear.

    Not exactly apropos of your current situation, but yesterday’s blog brought it to mind.

  2. Nick check the Date codes on your tires after the DOT 4 numbers 1st 2 are week of the year and next 2 are the year. I just bought tires for the Bus and they were 3 months old. Next week I got tires for my S 10 toad and the guy started to put the new ones on the rim. I walked over and said I wanted to see the DC’s and he said oh they are fine. I grabbed the tire he had swung behind his back and looked at the DC and it was 0510 on all of them. I said these are used tires because they are more than 2 years and have been sitting on the shelf. We argued and i told him to put the tire back on the rim and I left. Next place was 1211 I had to go to 4 places before I finally got some that were 0814.
    I will be calling DOT to make a report.

  3. We call it the Golden Geezer Card. One of the best bargains we ever got. Works in national forests and some state parks, too. Enjoy!

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