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Aug 192014

Last night I finished the new issue of the Gypsy Journal and I will upload it to our printer’s web server this morning. This is issue 92, and that’s a lot of travel stories! And there’s still so much that we want to see and do, and tell you about.

Overheard yesterday morning at the campground between a mother and a little boy of about 5 years old:

Mom – Jackson, you come back here!

Mom – Jackson, I said come back here!

Mom – I know you can hear me! Get back here.

Kid – NO!

Mom – Don’t you sass me! I said get back here!

Mom – Jackson, I’m not going to tell you again. Get back here.

Kid – NO!

Mom – Jackson, I’m telling you for the last time!

Mom – Jackson, I’m warning you! I won’t tell you again.

Mom – Jackson, I’m not going to tell you again. Get back here!

Geez, mom, you’ve already taught him that you ARE going to tell him again and again and he doesn’t have to listen. Spank his butt and you might get his attention!

I got an e-mail from a reader asking me if it really is possible for RVers to make enough money to supplement their Social Security. Sure you can, we’ve been making our entire living on the road for fifteen years now. Some good resources for finding ways to do it are John and Kathy Huggins’ excellent So, You Want to be a Workamper?, my own book Work Your Way Across The USA, and Workamper News. You’ll also find a lot of ideas in this article on Mobile Income Sources for Non-Retired RVers from the nice folks at Technomadia.

With the new issue out of the way and a few days to kill before we get it back from the printer, we’re going to try to see some of the local attractions around York and Gettysburg. York is known as the Factory Tour Capital of the World and there are tours locally for everything from the Harley Davidson motorcycle factory to pretzel factories, and one that manufactures violins. We did the Harley Davidson tour several years ago, but we hope to squeeze in some of the others while we’re here.

A lot of people have been asking me when my new book, Big Lake Scandal, will be released. It’s in the final editing stage now and as soon as I get it back and make any last minute corrections I’ll upload it to Amazon and Barnes & Noble for Nook readers. I’m hoping it will be by the end of the month, but there are some things that can’t be rushed if one wants to turn out a quality product. And after all the months it takes to write a book, I feel an obligation to myself and my readers to take the time to do it right and not take any shortcuts along the way.

I’m eager to get this new book out so I can get to work on the next one in the Big Lake series. Actually, I’ve been writing it in my head for a while now and I’m looking forward to getting it down on paper. Or at least into my computer.

Thought For The Day – Flattery is from the teeth out. Sincere appreciation is from the heart out. – Dale Carnegie

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  8 Responses to “That’s 92!”

  1. You call it spanking I call it barbaric. The ONLY thing hitting a child does is teach them that violence is an accepted method for dealing with problems. Then sometime down the road when that child picks up a gun in a fit of anger we wonder why. I was never spanked as a child and my children never were either.

  2. So, you must be Jackson’s dad?

  3. Sorry Bernard … I side with Nick. Some kids need it, some don’t. It’s NOT like he said take a stick and beat the kid senseless. A swat on the butt lets them know you mean business and they need to learn a little respect. Mom is the other problem … she should have walked over and gotten little Jackson after the first request didn’t get results. By the way, everyone in my family was spanked at one time or another and none of us have picked up a gun in a fit of anger!! I’m pretty sure there are lots of other factors involved!!

  4. Well said, Nancy. There is a reason for sayings such as “spare the rod, spoil the child”. We constantly see kids who have no parenting at all in public places and they are ALWAYS acting like brats. They need guidance and who else but parents.

  5. Sounds like Bad Nick should be saying something. I agree that child needed a spanking, but you can tell he’s already learned that he can do what he wants. No respect for his parents means in the future no respect for law and order.

  6. I have observed conversations like the one between “Mom” and “Jackson” and sometimes have to restrain myself from taking the child by the hand and marching him/her to the parent, while saying, “You need to listen to your mom/dad.” If more parents would care enough (and it really is more loving to let a child know there are boundaries, rules, and consequences) to discipline their children, I believe there would be FEWER school shootings, etc. I do not recall any such incidences until liberal parenting techniques of less discipline came into fashion. I am not condoning abuse, but there IS a difference between a swat on the backside to get their attention and a full-out beating. Of course, in the above situation with “Jackson,” it probably would not have even come to the spanking, if “Mom” had just followed through after the first warning. Okay, off my soapbox now.

    Nick, I appreciate that you make sure your books are of good quality, with as few grammatical errors as possible. I enjoy everything you write, and it is much easier to recommend your books to friends, than a few that I have read by others that are not as good of quality (even when the message is excellent).

  7. sorry Mr Warner, I was spanked as a child, I grew up with respect for everyone especially my elders, I raised three kids all who were spanked more than once for a serious offense, I used other means to teach them their would be consequence for bad behavior the worst for them was being grounded or other privileges taken away They were raised to respect everyone. I am proud to say non of them them have ever picked up a gun to commit violence, except against a deer, our oldest hunts. Both our boys are raising their children to respect others, something that is so lacking in many children today and who is to blame THE PARENTS

  8. I call it abandoning parental responsibilities. What’s in your closet BW?

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