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Aug 262014

After hauling a truckload of bins full of stuffed envelopes to the small post office in East Berlin yesterday, we made a short trip to Mannings Handweaving School and Supply Center so Terry could pick up some extra spools of the tencel yarn she loves to weave with so much.

Carol Woolcock, the shop’s owner, was behind the counter when we went in, and Terry gave her a copy of the new issue of the paper. Carol and her hubby Ron have a beautiful diesel motorhome and we spent a few minutes visiting with her before Terry went off in search of just the right yarn for her next projects.

We made a stop at the grocery store on our way back to the campground to pick up a few items, including a couple of bags of Utz potato chips. Several readers from this area had told us how good they were, so we bought a bag a while back and they are delicious. We wanted to get some more before we leave the area.


Back at home I spent the rest of the day making the final revisions to my newest book and finally, about 10 p.m., I hit Publish on Big Lake Scandal. Now the wait begins. It’s kind of like being in the waiting room at the maternity ward. Depending on how fast things happen at Amazon and Nook Press, it should be live in 12 to 24 hours after the start of publishing. Meanwhile here is the cover, which was produced by Elizabeth Mackey of Elizabeth Mackey Graphic Design. She is an amazing talent and does excellent work.


Terry and I have really enjoyed our time here at Gettysburg Farm RV Resort and this is a place we definitely will return to. Unfortunately, between getting the new issue printed and mailed, the new book ready to publish, and a couple of days with a lot of rain, things have kept us from getting out to play tourist as much as we had hoped to. We’ve only got a few days left here and hope to get free to go out and play if we can.

We’ve also had several readers ask about getting together but have not been able to do that yet, either. Does anybody know how to stick another twelve hours or so in a day? It would sure help. When it comes to money and material things, Terry and I are very fortunate. We’ve worked hard to recover after her cancer wiped us out and it’s paying off. While we’ll never be wealthy in terms of dollars and we’ll never be able to fully retire, we are rich in so many ways that really count. The one thing I wish we had more of is time. It’s priceless, and even the wealthiest people in the world can’t buy any more.

Thought For The Day – The pessimist borrows trouble; the optimists lend encouragement.

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  10 Responses to “It’s On Its Way!”

  1. So agree Nick…and retiring won’t make more time…at least it has not for me!!

  2. I can’t wait to read it. Checking Amazon every 15 minutes. I love all of your Big Lake books Nick. You make them come alive so much that I feel like I know the characters as well as I know the people in my own neighborhood.

  3. Yeah, the Utz potato chips are okay with me, I really prefer the Dieffenbach’s, and I would rather have the Grandma Utz’s to the regular Utz.

  4. Some people are never satisfied.

  5. Ahem…..maybe cut down on the “naps” and late sleeping?

    {I know snarky}

  6. If you like the Utz chips try their pretzles. They’re really good.

    Also, while in the area stock the freezer with Lebanon balogna.


  7. Have you tried pork roll?

  8. I just checked and it’s still not live. Amazon is taking longer than usual this week. Another of my fav authors published a book Sunday PM and it just went live today.

  9. Nope, still not there…08:40hrs Alaska time.

  10. It’s live on Barnes & Noble, just downloaded it to my Nook!

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