A Whole Lot Of Nothing

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Aug 052014

We were tired from our long trip Sunday, so we slept in yesterday, and when we got up I did a whole lot of nothing all day long. If I were on an Army base, somebody would have painted me. Seriously, the most strenuous thing I did all day long was take the trash down to the dumpster.

Miss Terry, on the other hand, was busy editing my new book most of the day, and I guess it’s okay because she didn’t throw her hands up in the air and scream, “It’s trash! All trash!” At least, not so far.

I was making corrections as she marked up the pages, and by bedtime we were more than a third of the way done. Terry said a couple of twists in the tale caught her completely by surprise.

Some readers have asked me how hard it is to change our local TV channels on Dish Network every time we move. The first time I had to do it after we lost our east and west coast feeds when All American Direct shut down, I called Dish and it was frustrating because the customer service rep sounded like he was in a Third World boiler room and I could only understand about every third word. I finally hung up and called back a few minutes later and got somebody who made the switch quickly.

Then somebody on the Escapees RV Club forum said to go online and use Dish Chat to request a change. I did that when we moved from Elkhart Campground to the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails in Batesville, Indiana and it was quick and easy. The service rep switched me from the South Bend (Indiana) channels to Cincinnati, Ohio. When we moved from there to the Wilmington, Ohio Thousand Trails we didn’t need to make a change, since it was still in the Cincinnati service area. Sunday, when we arrived here at the Hershey Thousand Trails preserve, I used Dish Chat again and within a few minutes we were switched to the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania local stations. I would still much prefer having distant networks, but it looks like in spite of early promises, Dish is not going to do anything to offer that service to their mobile customers. Since our Winegard Travler automatic rooftop TV dish is set up for Dish Network and cannot be converted easily to receive DirecTV, it isn’t cost effective to switch.

I’m not sure what’s on our schedule today. We may stay home and plug away at the book editing and revisions, or we may sneak out and do some errands. It depends on if cabin fever is nagging at us or not.

If you’re looking for something to read until my new book is out and you like science fiction, check out my friend T.R. Harris’ book The Fringe Worlds, which is free on Amazon. I recently discovered an author by the name of Wayne Stinnett and I’m reading Fallen Out, the first book in his Jesse McDermitt action/adventure series. It’s about a retired Marine who opens a charter fishing business in the Florida Keys, one of my favorite places in the country. McDermitt is a good storyteller and I’ve already bought the next two books in the series.

Thought For The Day – Nobody appreciates how much work I put into NOT being a serial killer.

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  1. Nick I only use the online “chat” with Dish when I move locations. About 95% of the time the rep. gets it done within 5 minutes at most. It helps to re-boot the Dish receiver.

  2. I call Direct TV and say “change service address” and sometimes they think I want to change my subscriptions on the automatic answering. I finally found out asking for tech support is much quicker and easier. I wish it had a way to do it on the internet.

  3. Dish employees must have been educated in the RV department recently. It used to take us 2-3 phone calls before they would get the change made so that we had local channels. The last three times we have called, our change has been made quickly. I am glad they are finally getting it right because it sure was frustrating calling them.

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