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Aug 282014

While Terry and I don’t miss the hectic schedule we had to keep to make them happen, or all of the work of putting on our RV rallies, we do miss seeing so many of our good friends whom we could count on showing up at every rally. It was like a big family reunion.

Two good friends and faithful rally attendees are Dave and Thelma Middleton, and as it so happens, they only live about eight miles from Gettysburg Farm RV Resort. When they read in the blog that we were so close they invited us up for a visit and yesterday was a good day for it.

After seeing the new modular home they are having erected on their property and visiting for a while, they took us to dinner at a local restaurant and then to a tractor show in Wellsville. I know Pennsylvania is an agricultural state, but who knew that there were so many tractors here? Big tractors, little tractors, old tractors, new tractors. More darned tractors than I’ve ever seen in one place!

MM display

Allia Chalmers

Things started off with a tractor parade, with garden tractors leading the way.

Custom garden tractor 

Garden tractor parade

Then came the big tractors. Most of them are antiques, some dating back to the 1930s. Apparently restoring tractors is kind of like restoring old cars, but I’d prefer a Sunday cruise in a vintage Mustang or T-Bird than this old John Deere.

John Deere 66

Old International

Red Farmall

And tractors are a family thing. There were a lot of kids riding and even driving tractors in the parade.

Dad and kids 

Dad and kid

Boy driving wiht dad

Boy on Frmall

And the girls weren’t too shy about it either!

Girls drivign tractor

Woman John Deere

There were a lot of tractors and steam engines on display.


Steam locomotive

This looks like a railroad locomotive, but it’s actually built on a truck frame.


Thanks for making time for us and showing us around, Dave and Thelma!

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  13 Responses to “A Lot Of Tractors”

  1. Nick, I read your last couple of books in record time so I could leave a review, then felt like the story was over too fast. This time I’m trying to savor it a little longer!!

    Miss Terry your shawl is absolutely gorgeous!! I may have to add weaving to my list of things to learn!! I’ve been picking up lots of East Coast roving … can’t wait to show you!!

  2. NICK,
    What you called a John Deere is an “Oliver” tractor….same color scheme.
    Totally different tractor. You should see the size of a John Deere’s pistons.

  3. Norm you beat me to it..

  4. Just purchased your latest novel, Big Lake Scandal, and can hardly wait to start reading it. Love the entire series.
    Good work!!

  5. Not a John Deere but an Oliver 66. You don’t have to look, just listen, the Oliver purrs and the John Deere goes putt, putt, putt.

  6. The photo of the International with the cab instantly transported me back more than 40 years. I was riding on Dad’s and Grandpa’s laps once again in my mind. We also had a few of the older Farmalls. Those were some bumpy rides!

    Thank you for sharing. To this Iowa girl, the best parades are the small town ones with tractors.

  7. What, two different companies with the same color scheme? That’s just too confusing this early in the morning.

  8. those photos of the kids on the tractor brought backs some fond memories of me and my sister at my Uncle Kells farm as youngsters and riding with him or my big cousin Ernie on their tracker as the harvested the wheat crop, he let us steer the tractor and we thought it was so neat. Thanks for the memories, got your book yesterday and I am almost 50% thru it, had to force myself to put it down before I read the whole darn thing in one day, so far it is great.

  9. I probably shouldn’t enter my name in the free drawing again for a while since I just won a couple of weeks ago. Of course what’s my chances of winning again soon!

  10. I bought your newest book last night but didn’t start reading it then because I didn’t want to be up all night. I know from experience that I can’t put down one of your books.

  11. Actually the colors ar aren’t that close. Also bought Big Lakes Scandal .

  12. Oh and “Nothing runs like a Deere”!

  13. Don’t now how they do things where you’re from out in Arizona Nick but here in Nebraska we don’t take our tractors for a “Sunday drive.” We’re not all hayseeds like you imply.

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