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Aug 122014

A while back I wrote a blog about RV Goodies that was very well received, so today I’m going to put a twist on that theme and tell you about fifteen handy gadgets that no RV should be without, and none of them will set you back more than a sawbuck.

Brass Water Pressure Regulator – You never know how much pressure that campground water outlet is going to deliver, and a water pressure regulator can save your RV from burst water lines due to high pressure. In fact, buy two, because RVers seem to lose a lot of these when they are unhooking to hit the road.

Extra Drinking Water Hose – Sooner or later you’re going to run into a situation where one water hose is not enough. I carry three different white fresh water hoses and have had to use all three more than once.

Dual Outlet Hose Adapter – This is another must have. I like to keep a second water hose connected to a Y adapter. It comes in handy for washing the RV in campgrounds that allow it, and can be invaluable if a fire starts.

Fresh Water Bandit – Don’t worry about unthreaded faucets or those with stripped threads, this little adapter lets you attach your water hose with ease!


All-in-One Handheld Tool Kit – You won’t believe how many times this handy little multipurpose tool comes in handy. It has a mini-hammer, measurement tap, bubble level, a screwdriver with 12 bits, and a flashlight.


4-In-1 Pocket Screwdriver – Have the convenience of a set of precision screwdrivers in one small pocket tool!


Stubby Ratcheting MultiBit Screwdriver – You can never have too many screwdrivers, and this little wonder will come in handy for those tight places where a full size screwdriver can’t fit.


Leveling Scissor Jack Socket – If you have manual scissor jacks, you’ll love this little tool. It saves time and effort to raise or lower scissor jacks, fits 3/8" or 1/2" power drills, and works with all 3/4" hex drive jacks.


SunShield Reflective Door Window Cover – Control the temperature in your RV and protect the interior from harmful UV rays. Hook and loop fasteners allow for easy installation

Wheel Chocks – Secure your trailer in place and prevent movement with these durable hard plastic wheel chocks with UV inhibitors.

Double Refrigerator Bar – How many times have you opened your refrigerator on a trip and had everything come crashing out? You can put a stop to that with these spring loaded bars.


Water Heater Tank Flush – Extend the life of your RV water heater with this must-have tool! Attach to garden hose and REPLACE INTO your water heater drain opening and easily flush out sediment.

15/30 AMP PowerGrip Adapter – You’ll appreciate this little adapter when visiting family and you need to plug into 15 AMP power source. It’s contoured shape makes for easy removal from outlet.


Master Blaster Tank Wand – This wand is invaluable for flushing RV black water tanks and preventing blockages.


12/24 Volt LED Digital Volt Meter – I have one of these mounted below the overhead cabinets above my desk and can monitor my house battery voltage at a glance. Quick and easy to connect and install.


Thought For The Day – An expert is a person who has made every possible mistake in a small field of study.

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  10 Responses to “15 Under $10”

  1. Are you telling us that you actually use those implements (tools) or are those Terry’s?

  2. I get to use the little flashlight thingy 🙂

  3. Love them! Keep them coming!

  4. Wow…great list Nick…wish we had a rig now so we could get some of these things!! Though some would be good in a sticks and bricks too.

  5. Pretty slick Nick… having the items link to Amazon with your tag to get your cut.
    Actually good marketing on your part.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with that Ron. Every one of these things are useful. In fact we just ordered three of them the tank flusher, the pocket screwdriver and the digital meter. I’m glad Nick and Terry make a little commission off of them so they can keep on informing and entertaining us every day. Its a business and needs to make money to keep running.

  7. Great list Nick, please keep them coming. These are some good items we would never have known about. Just ordered the black tank flusher and three of the refrigerator bars. Wish we had known about them before we broke a jar of mayo that fell out on our first camping trip.

    We are brand new RVers just bought a used Vectra and are getting used to all of its systems. We’ll be weekend campers for a while with the goal of spending at least 6 months a year someplace warmer than Utica NY once I retire next year. I hope we get to meet you and the amazing Miss T some day.

  8. I thought you were an expert in RVs until I read your thought for the day. My RV experience over the last twenty yrs of full timing comes closer to Robin Williams (RIP) in the movie RV and the learning continues.

    By the way Nick thanks for the tip about the bed in one of your previous blogs.

  9. I would add an AC panel voltmeter, save your air conditioner when campsite voltages drop to low. Quite inexpensive.

  10. I’ve got about seven of those 15 items. I have spent 5 years trying to find the volt meter you show and have only been able to find a cigarette lighter plug version in the retail environment. I’ll be ordering your recommendation as soon as I can figure an address to have it sent to. Regarding your number one item the pressure regulator, I checked into a campground in Las Vegas and could not get my pressure regulator to screw onto the campgrounds water bib. After ten minute I said screw it and proceeded without it. Noticed a little moisture on the carpet that trip and had problems the next year. Before we left the following year for our trip I got to write a check for $1,800.00 to have the plywood floor fixed and have the broken plex fitting replaced. Next time I can’t attach the pressure gage directly to the water bib I will be certain to fix it somewhere else before the water intake to the RV. Live and learn. Thanks for your thoughts, advise and links.

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