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Jul 292014

I’ve been working hard to finish my new Big Lake book, so instead of boring you with the details of that, today I thought I’d share some RV goodies that we find useful and add to our comfort and safety level.

Strike-Hold: We discovered this amazing product on Ken and Marilyn Murphy’s vendor table at an RV rally a while back and I had to have some. Originally developed for the military to protect weapons from sand, Strike-Hold is a cleaner, lubricant, protector, and de-moisturizer. There are a lot of products like that on the market, but have you ever seen one that will do this? Yes, that’s a person holding a light bulb in a bowl of water! When I saw Ken do that I thought he had lost his mind, but it demonstrates the product’s insulating abilities, over 38,000 volts. Ken sprayed the socket and the bulb’s metal base, stuck them in the water and then screwed the bulb in. I’ve been using it when I plug my 50 amp electric cord into a campground’s utility hookup and it makes it a snap to unplug when we’re ready to leave. And you can guess what I’ll be using the next time I clean my shooting irons! You can order Strike-Hold from Ken and Marilyn by e-mailing them at kmurphytx@live.com.



Outside LED Motion Detector – If we would have had our Starlights SL-1000 Smart Light on our motorhome back in 2009 I believe that it may have frightened away the burglar that we came home to, as described in my blog post A Violent Encounter. Criminals want an easy score and that bright light coming on as he approached our rig might have made him think somebody was inside and sent him in search of an easier target.

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Fan-Tastic Vent Endless Breeze Fan – On days where we don’t really need to run our motorhome’s air conditioner but want some direct air circulation to help keep things comfortable, our 12 volt Endless Breeze box fan is just the ticket. It’s quiet, moves a lot of air, and lasts forever. We’re still using the Endless Breeze we bought almost fifteen years ago.


LED Flashlights – You can never have too many flashlights and we have half a dozen Techlite Lumen Master 250-lumen LED tactical flashlights stashed around the motorhome; in my desk drawer, on Terry’s desk, on both of our nightstands, in a couple of storage bays and in our Ford Explorer. They are small, super bright, virtually indestructible, and include a strobe feature for emergencies.


Campfire In A Can – Who doesn’t like sitting around a campfire singing Kumbaya? Okay, forget the singing, let’s make S’mores. But sometimes there is no firewood handy or no fire ring. And who wants to deal with the ashes afterward? A lot of RVers we know have a Campfire In A Can and find them much cleaner and safer to use.


LED Emergency Flares – Old fashioned road flares are bulky to store and dangerous to use if you don’t know what you’re doing. I much prefer our FlareAlert LED emergency flares . They’re small, lightweight and very bright.


There are lots of other goodies we use and if there’s enough interest I’ll share some more of our favorites in future blog posts.

Several days of being cooped up inside has given me cabin fever so today we’re going to take a day trip into the Cincinnati area to have lunch with blog reader Davy Boggs at a Mexican restaurant he wanted to introduce us to. And if we have time after lunch we may play tourist for a while.

Thought For The Day – Luck favors the prepared.

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  9 Responses to “RV Goodies”

  1. We are not rvers yet…but still hoping…and these are great ideas!! Thanks!!

  2. Nick

    If you haven’t already, you need to check out Graeter’s, the holy grail of ice cream places. A Cincinnati institution.


  3. As soon as Bill reads this, I’ll have to be ordering some of that Strike Hold. Thanks for the tip.

  4. Great idea for a post. We like hearing about products others find helpful in this lifestyle. Thanks for sharing and share some more!

    Selene, NC

  5. I’ll bet the Strike Hold also works well on the electrical cable connection to the toad, the pneumatic connection to toad brakes, and the arms on the tow bar! Hope so.

  6. How about an update on the strong back chair. Like is it still living up to your expectations and would you still recommend it?

  7. We like hearing about products others like. I am also ready for the next Lake book!

  8. Ordering Strike Hold today. Please keep sharing!

  9. Nick, thanks so much for your article on Strike Hold. We really appreciate it.
    We have only received one order, probably due to the following.
    One correction needs to be made in our e-mail as follows,
    The tx was omitted in the article.
    Thanks again for all you do for rvers.
    Ken Murphy

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