Oddball RVs Part Four

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Jul 032014

It’s been a while since I did a blog about oddball RVs and some folks have asked if I had any new ones to share. As a matter of fact, I do! Here are several that readers have sent me or I’ve found online.

We’ll start with a real oldie, an expanding RV from 1934, according to the only information I could find on it, but I bet my buddy Al Hesselbart from the RV Museum knows what it is.

1934 Expanding RV 

This one is for my pal Ron Speidel, who really likes Airstream trailers. I have no idea where he’s going to find enough butter for that toast!

Airstream toaster

High gas prices got you down? Maybe you need one of these!

Bike camper

I’ve seen some weird bus conversions in my time, but I think this schoolie Bill and Kris Osborne spotted at Green Lake State Park in Campbellsville, Kentucky takes the prize.

Bus popup Bill Kris Osborne Green River Lake State Park Campbellsville KY

Our friend Phyllis Schell sent me a picture of this colorful Class C she saw in Cottonwood, Arizona a while back.

Colorful C Phyllis Schell Cottonwood AZ

I’ve always been impressed with how creative people who build housetrucks are.

Homebuilt Truck Camper

Could this be an Amish RV?

Horse drawn RV

Have you ever seen a four wheel drive Jeep camper before?

Jeep camper

Here’s one for my buddy Tom Westerfield, who loves anything associated with railroads.

Locomotive RV

This bus and trailer combo reminded me of a jack o’lantern.

Orange combo

Let’s go camping!

Slide in camper

You could park this three wheeled motorhome just about anywhere!

Three wheel RV

A reader saw this flower power RV at a WalMart in New Mexico.

WalMart TC New Mexico

Jim Hamm in Prescott, Arizona sent me a picture of this strange contraption.

Weird RV Jim Hamm Prescott AZ

And last, but certainly not least, I absolutely love this rustic wood covered motorhome.

Woodie motorhome

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Longnecks cover

Thought For The Day – Any fool can know. The point is to understand – Albert Einstein

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  5 Responses to “Oddball RVs Part Four”

  1. Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture of it but a few years ago camping at Lake Shelbyville at Lone Point we witnessed some guys pulling a horse trailer with a pop-up attached to the top of the horse trailer, they used an extension ladder to get up there and if I remember correctly they had a deck on it also. They commented that when they went to horse shows it made it easier to have everything all attached. It was quite the site. Thanks for sharing all the other unique set-ups. Made my day.

  2. We just saw that last one in Homer, Alaska yesterday.

  3. The bus and trailer combo that reminded you of a jack o’lantern, is actually yellow and green. Oregon Ducks football fan owners use this to take people to home games (Eugene, Oregon) in the bus and the trailer is a tailgater’s dream. It resides in the park from the first to the last home game of the football season, along with their Prevost motorhome used for their stay. It is beautiful!

  4. The fourth one down is the Scholl Bus. You can read their blog here: http://theschollbus.com/

  5. When I click on the link below, got a warning from Avast, that it prevented something harmful from happening to my computer. Probably a false warning.


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