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Jul 192014

I belong to a small online author’s group and have been fortunate in that our mobile lifestyle has allowed us to meet several of them in person as we’ve traveled around the country. Yesterday we drove into Cincinnati to have lunch with Carol Ann Newsome, author of the Dog Park mystery series.

What a delightful and talented woman! Carol Ann’s friend Marianne Shelton and our pals Greg and Jan White joined us for lunch. Jan is a big fan of Carol Ann’s books and I think she was maybe a bit star struck. Who could blame her?

We met at a place called Ruth’s Parkside Café, which is housed in the old American Can Company building, and I think we sat and talked for at least a couple of hours after we finished lunch. Here is a picture of Carol Ann and myself. She’s the pretty one. You can find out more about her in an interview I did a while back at this interview link. And you can download a free copy of A Shot In The Bark, the first book in her series. We look forward to seeing Carol Ann the next time we’re in this area.

Carol Ann Newsome Nick copy

Our long time readers know that we love old cemeteries, and just a few blocks from the restaurant we stumbled upon Spring Grove Cemetery, which has served Cincinnati since 1845. It was so interesting from the street that we just had to spend a few minutes checking it out. More like a park than a cemetery, the place has winding roads that go past small ponds and some amazing monuments.

At first I thought this was a chapel (the cemetery has three), but it is actually the Dexter family mausoleum, which is registered as a historical landmark. Family patriarch Edmund Dexter came from England and made a fortune as a liquor distributor and became a prominent citizen of Cincinnati. Built in 1869 at a cost of $100,000 (equal to about $1.7 million in today’s money), the mausoleum’s lower level has twelve marble catacombs where four generations of Dexters are interred. The building’s top level is a marble-lined chapel that is 12 feet wide, 30 feet long and 34 feet high.

Dexter Mausleum

Spring Grove is the final resting place of many famous people, including James Norris Gamble of the Proctor and Gamble company, members of President William Howard Taft’s family, members of the Kroger (grocery store) family, a number of Revolutionary War soldiers, many Civil War soldiers, including 41 Civil War generals, the most famous of them Joseph "Fighting Joe" Hooker. Seven Medal of Honor recipients are also buried at the cemetery.

This is the monument to Charles West, the Founder of the Cincinnati Art Museum. The allegorical figures flanking his monument represent the four major constituents of the fine arts: theatre, music, dance, and literature.

Charles West

Most large cemeteries have a few ghost stories associated with them and Spring Grove is no exception. One of the most popular tales claims that the bust of C. C. Breuer contains his real eyeballs and that they follow you when you are anywhere near the grave.

Breur bust

Ghostly eyes or not, Spring Grove is well worth a visit if you find yourself in Cincinnati. We could have spent hours exploring the historic cemetery.


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Thought For The Day – Being someone’s first love is great, but being their last is wonderful.

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  10 Responses to “Making A New Friend”

  1. We love old cemeteries too — You could have gone on and on with your sepal on the place and I love the pictures. We found an interesting one in Alaska too. Thanks for sharing Nick.

  2. Nick, another beautiful cemetery/park is in Lexington, KY….or it was back in the 70’s when I went to college there……..No, not that big blue thing but Transylvania University……Guess, Transy could be a story in itself.

  3. I was wondering if you saw the Dexter Chapel. It’s my favorite of the park monuments. I’m looking forward to your next visit. I’ll treat you and Miss Terry to lunch at the Precinct, so you can have a serious piece of cow.

  4. I downloaded the Shot in the Bark a little after midnight when you posted it in your blog and made the mistake of starting to read it then. Three hours later I fell asleep with my Paperwhite in my hand! I ordered the other books in the series first thing this morning. 🙂

  5. Count me as a C.A. Newsome fan Nick. I got interested in her when you did her author interview a while back and have read all of her books to date and am eagerly awaiting the next one.

  6. I just got Carol Ann’s free book and started reading it. I’m intrigued already.

  7. Nick, two years ago I downloaded, kindle or amazon books or something onto my PC. It was a royal pain and I never read a single book. About two weeks ago my wife bought an Ipad on special and it has Kindle installed. I mentioned to her the “9 killer thrillers” for $.99 you periodically reference and was astounded as to how easy it was to download and pay for the books. Of course having my wife do it made it amasingly easy for me. I’ve read the first 4 and am working my way to your book. While many of your readers are already ebook literate, I am guessing that there are a good number that are just totally confused and therefore frozen at step zero because they need to figure out what source they want to buy the books from, what brand of reader they should buy and then what model to buy. It had kept me frozen from doing anything for at least three years. Might I suggest you use a future blog or two to present a primer as to how one might go about becoming an ebook reader?

  8. Glad you are enjoying my hometown. Of course you know what the ladies are called who followed General Hooker. Spring grove is also famous for its flowers and trees. Go visit the downtown churches, Wise temple, the Large Catholic church and the Presbyterian all on three different corner’s. If there is an event a Music Hall, go visit as well. Go across the river and visit Pompelio’s where rain man was filmed.

    Take time to visit the church festivals while in Batesville. Vevay will be holding its Wine festival in August

  9. We like old cemetaries too. I’ll put Spring Grove on the list fir our next Cincinnati visit 🙂

  10. Nick, I stumbled upon your blog, one of those 6 clicks of separation from some RV blog…..Thoroughly enjoyed clicking on your interview with C.A. Newsome, and then downloading her book. Will look forward to reading your book as well, and following your adventures.

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