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Jul 122014

As I’ve said many times, Terry and I are best friends and we’re never happier than when we’re together. It doesn’t matter if we are out exploring someplace new, wandering through a small town museum, browsing the vendors at a flea market, or at home relaxing and doing our own thing, whatever that happens to be. But there are occasional times when doing our own things takes us apart for a while.

Yesterday was a good example. When we were at the Fiber Festival in Allegan, Michigan a couple of years ago, we met a nice lady named Barb Gallagher who runs a shop called Weavers Loft from a two story shop across from her house in Guilford, just a few miles from the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails preserve. We stopped to visit with Barb in her shop when we stayed here a couple of months later and she was very nice.

Terry has kept in touch with Barb since then and yesterday she spent several hours at her shop, where Barb gave her some tips on weaving, explained a few things about reading the often complex patterns of some of the projects she wants to take on, and Terry purchased some cones of yarn, a new shuttle and a few shuttle bobbins.

I knew I’d only get underfoot so I stayed home and wrote most of the day, stopping only when Greg White came over to help me with a couple of blog projects. It’s been a while since I tried to use the Dragon Dictate software and I had forgotten how useless it is, so I attempted to use it and was quickly reminded why I don’t.

Terry got home about 4:30 p.m. and after showing me the goodies she had purchased from Barb and telling me about her day with her, we rode in to Batesville with Greg and Jan for dinner at the Sherman House. We discovered this historic restaurant when we were here two years ago and were impressed with their German food. When we got there this time around Terry and Jan were disappointed that they no longer have their favorite dishes from before, but what we did order was outstanding and nobody came away from the table hungry.

Back at the Thousand Trails, we drove around the campground for a while, admiring the views of the lake and checking out the seasonal sites, which were nice but a bit too cramped for my taste. Everyone we passed seemed to be having a good time and returned our waves. A cold wave is supposed to be heading our way, or I’d be tempted to drag my Sea Eagle PaddleSki inflatable kayak out of the storage bay and get it wet.


Lake 2

Back at home I went back to working on my book and had another 4,000 words under my belt for the day by the time I knocked off about 11:30, while Terry did some paperwork and then crocheted until I wrote the blog and printed it out for her to proof.

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Crazy Days test final

Thought For The Day – If I am ever on life support, unplug me, wait 60 seconds, and plug me back in and see if that works.

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  1. C’mon Nick. When was the last time you had the Sea Eagle out?

  2. Said hello to you and Miss Terry at start of Escapees Rally in Goshen several years ago. You still had your bus conversion. Love your current blog, will keep up with it from now on.

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