Jul 152014

Where we’re parked at the Indian Lakes Thousand Trails our rooftop satellite dish can’t completely clear the tree line, so we’re only getting a few channels, and then yesterday a strong storm came through and knocked out the few we were getting. But it could be worse!

Consider these folks. Did he not see the 8’ clearance sign on that low underpass?

Trailer underpass

Fortunately, nobody was injured in this RV fire, but what a bummer.

Motorhome on fire

My cousin Beverly, who faces some very difficult physical challenges on a daily basis, always says it could be worse, there’s always somebody else in the world who has it worse than she does. Beverly’s attitude makes her one of my heroes.

I really wanted to get another 4,000 words written yesterday, but I only managed to get in about 2,000 before my fingers gave out and I had to stop. Hopefully I can get back on track today.

During the afternoon, Greg White came over and did some tweaking to my blog, fixing a few little things that weren’t quite right with it. I’m sure glad Miss Terry makes such delicious breads and other goodies that we share with Greg and Jan, because if he ever sends me an invoice for everything he does I’d have to sell a kidney to pay the bill.

After Greg left I went back to work for a while, and then Terry made one of my favorite things for dinner, homemade biscuits with sausage gravy. It was delicious. So good that I decided a nap was in order afterwards. And yes, the recipe is in her cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen.

The weather reports were warning of severe thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening, and the radar showed an ugly line of storms headed our way, but except for the rain that knocked out the TV for a while, it all passed on to the east pretty quickly. Except for one really bad storm up at Elkhart Campground a few weeks ago, we’ve been very fortunate this year. We’ve had a lot of warnings and plenty of rain but that’s about it. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Do you like a good romance book in a historical setting? If so, check out my friend Mona Ingram’s brand new book Restless Hearts, the first book in her Gold Rush Romances series. Mona, who hails from British Colombia, is an accomplished author, with over 20 romance novels to her credit.

Another lady author that a lot of you know is my pal “Froggi” Donna McNicol, and if you haven’t read her short story Lost and Found, do yourself a favor and check it out. Donna is a great storyteller.

Thought For The Day – Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. – Confucius

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  5 Responses to “And You Think You’re Having A Bad Day!”

  1. Yes, those people are having a worse day than me. Our AC went out last Friday. We are in a heat wave, of course. We bought a portable AC unit. It kept us at 93. What is up with that? Luckily, the nights cool off here in the Seattle area or I would be really miserable.

  2. I sent you an email awhile back but, must of had incorrect address. I really enjoy your blog and used to get paper also. I switched to E editton and somehow I lost it, but as it goes now I barely have time to read your Blog or my Email.

    Awhile back you wrote about a mattress you purchased that you said was excellent. I have been using a Select Comfort for 18 yrs without any problems, but they are so expensive I can’t justify the expenditure. You said yours was about a third of the cost. What kind of mattress was it and what blog did you write about it in?

  3. John, we got the same mattress about a month and a half ago. After 30 nites on it we completely agree with Nick. The only problem is that it is 6 inches longer than the old mattress so it is harder to walk around the bed. Thanks for the great advice Nick.

  4. Jim thanks for info. If mattress is 6 inches long being as it is foam can’t you just cut the excess foam off?

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