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Jun 062014

With the rain gone and the temperature much warmer, yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in northern Indiana. We were up early because Luke and Jody Duquette from Workamper News were leaving Elkhart Campground and had offered to come by and pick up a bundle of sample copies of the Gypsy Journal to pass out in their travels. We had a nice visit with Luke and Jody before they hit the road and look forward to seeing them again in our travels.

After they left we sat outside visiting with Greg and Jan for a while, just enjoying the pleasant morning and watching folks passing by, walking their dogs or just getting some exercise.

About noon we went out to run some errands, making a bank deposit, stopping at the post office to mail out some orders, and to RV Parts Nation to pay for our new Splendide washer/dryer combo. It should be here today or tomorrow.

When we got back, Greg and I went to the local Verizon store so he could upgrade his cell phone. The two year contract on my Droid Razr Maxx ends in a couple of weeks and I wanted to ask about upgrading since the screen is cracked and the phone is on its last legs, but as I feared, if I upgrade the phone I will lose my unlimited data package. After looking at my usage for the past few months, the salesman told me that as much as he’d love to sell me a new phone, paying for the extra data every month would cost me a lot more that it would to buy a phone outright. I appreciated his honesty and for now I think I’ll just limp along with what I have now for a while longer.

Every year a Rialta club holds a rally here at the campground and several of the diminutive motorhomes arrived yesterday for this year’s event. The club includes Winnebago Rialta and LeSharos, Itasca Phasars, and Sunstar and Vista motorhomes. The Sunstar and Vista were built on a Volkswagen chassis.

Rialta rally 3

Rialta rally

Rialta with tent

Measuring just 22 feet long, the RVs may not be all that big, but the love and attention their owners shower on them sure is. And for good reason; they get 15-18 miles per gallon, they are easy to maneuver in city traffic, and you can park them just about anywhere. Besides that, they’re just so darned cute! How could you not love one of these?

Two rialtas 2

Itasca front

Of course, there are people who prefer a little more room in their homes on wheels, like our friends Dick and Phyllis Schell, who fulltime in this huge Haulmark truck conversion. I was enamored with truck conversions for a long time but thought I was finally over it until we toured their rig yesterday. It is beyond beautiful and I’ll admit that there was just a tiny bit of lust in my heart. Okay, a lot of lust! Smile

Haulmark 3 

But like we always tell people, it really doesn’t matter what kind of RV you tow or drive, because big or small, brand new or vintage, the view out the windshield is the same.

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Thought For The Day – When one door closes, sometimes you should get a hammer and nails and make sure that sucker stays shut!

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  1. Thanks for the nice compliment on our rig. You and Miss Terry are welcome to drop by anytime.

  2. You can buy a phone on eBay or Amazon to replace the one you have and not change your contract

  3. It is possible to replace the screen yourself, or rather Miss Terry can replace it. you can choose from an assortment of videos on youtube to see how it is done.

  4. Howdy Dick & Phyllis! Westerfield’s here, remember y’all from Yuma a couple of years ago, we were across from you in the gray&black Windsor.

  5. We remember you well. Hope things are going well for you.

  6. looking inside,would be nise..

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