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Jun 102014

After a couple of unexpected delays, Terry’s new Splendide washer/dryer combo was delivered yesterday afternoon. She is officially a happy camper! And just in time too! Another day and I would have been reduced to going commando! Trust me, nobody wanted to see that happen.

After getting the old unit out, we weren’t too sure how we were going to get the new one up the stairs and inside our motorhome but it was a piece of cake. Greg White was standing by to help, but two strapping young men from RV Parts Nation delivered it and carried it inside the Winnebago and back to the bedroom. The fact that the new one weighs considerably less than the original helped a lot, too.

Once it was in the bedroom Greg and Terry hooked everything back up, and even though I offered to help they told me to go outside and play. It was for the best, I would only have gotten underfoot anyway. Before too long it was hooked up and churning happily away. The new Splendide has more bells and whistles than the original one did and there will be a learning curve to figure out how to get the most out of it, but Terry is looking forward to mastering it.

New Splendide

About the time Terry was starting the first load of laundry, Jim and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour showed up. They had been over in the Quad Cites area on the Iowa-Illinois border presenting some of their computer workshops and came back to Elkhart Campground to pick up their mail and catch their breath before going to the fairgrounds in Goshen for the combined FMCA/Fleetwood rally.

Anytime RVers get together, food is an important part of our agenda and this was no exception. Jim and Chris rode with us to Mancino’s Pizza where we met Greg and Jan for dinner. Nobody makes pizza better than Terry does, but we’re both hooked on Mancino’s breadsticks. As always, the food was good but the company was better.

I’m not sure what’s on the schedule today, but with the backlog of laundry we have, I suspect Terry will be giving her new washer/dryer a workout.

Now that we have replaced our washer/dryer, our next goal is to replace our Norcold refrigerator with a residential model. We had a Maytag residential refrigerator in our MCI bus conversion and really liked it. They do a much better job than any RV refrigerator.

Plus, even though we have had all of the recall fixes done and have one of Mac McCoy’s refrigerator fire suppression units installed, we don’t trust the Norcold. There have been far too many RVs burned to the ground from refrigerator fires for us to be comfortable with it.

RV fire

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Thought For The Day – Maybe it’s not about the happy ending, maybe it’s about the story.

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  15 Responses to “It’s Here!”

  1. So Nick, when you install a residential refrigerator do you run your generator when you are driving all day in hot weather to keep everything cold and frozen?

  2. YAY for Terry!!! No more laundry rooms!

    To Pat and Jim, I just turn on my inverter when traveling and it keeps everything perfectly frozen. I do have six household batteries however. When dry camping I can go 10-12 hours before running the generator for about 1-1/2 hours to recharge the batteries. LOVE my fridge!!

  3. Nick,
    Question about the W/D, does the plumbing go to your “Grey” tank or does the W/D have a separate tank?

  4. “Another day and I would have been reduced to going commando! Trust me, nobody wanted to see that happen.”

    Too late you already horrified your readers with that mental image.

    But it is O.K., lots of us in that club.

  5. Pat and Jim – We had a residential refer in our bus conversion, and before we upgraded our battery bank we would just turn it off on travel days. Even in hot weather we could travel 8 hours and the ice cream was still frozen solid at the end of the day.

    Norm – Yes, it is plumbed to the grey water tank. When in a campground we leave the grey valve open until it’s time to dump the black tank, then close the gray before we take our showers at night. The next day we dump the black and then open the grey valve again to flush the hose out.

  6. Nick DO NOT put a residential refrigerator in an RV! The floor of your bus conversion may have been strong enough to hold the weight but not in an RV. Within 6 months the floor will sag and buckle and before you know it the refrigerator will drop right through it! If RV companies don’t put them in its for a reason! NEVER try to out-think the engineers that designed the RV. They understand what it is capable of doing a lot more than you or me. When our Norcold was acting up my wife wanted to go to a house style refrigerator and this information comes straight from our dealer.

  7. Edward, I don’t know who your dealer is, but a lot of high end RVs now come with residential refrigerators straight from the factory.

  8. Happy that the new washer is in and installed. Nick just a question when is your new book coming out? We are anxiously waiting for it.

  9. Edward,

    If that’s what your dealer said, you need a better dealer.

    The Dometic NDR 1292 in our American Eagle weighs 280 pounds.

    The Samsung RF197, a standard residential fridge that’s a popular RV replacement, weighs 251 pounds.

  10. Gee, I didn’t know I was dealing with such technical geniuses here! I guess my dealer who sells RVs doesn’t know nearly as much as you guys do. Do what you want, it’s your funeral when you destroy your RV and your insurance company won’t pay for it.

  11. Edward,

    Well then, I think we’re all waiting for you to explain how a 251 pound fridge is going to fall through the bottom of our RV, but a 280 pound one hasn’t fallen through in the last 15 years.

    Did you ever think that your RV dealer just wanted to sell you a very expensive new Norcold and didn’t want you to go somewhere else for a less expensive residential model?

  12. I think I’ll go with Greg

  13. You may have an oxygen alarm…but this has been brought home to us…some of our friends here have to bury their 30 year old son who was killed up in Alaska on a fishing boat because there was a Freon leak!! SO AWFUL!!! Another man who was on the boat is still alive in a hospital…one cannot be too careful.

  14. Elizabeth,

    I assume he was sleeping down in the bottom of the boat. Freon is 3 to 4 times heavier than air so will pool in low places. In a house or an RV it would dissipate pretty quickly.

    Unless you were sleeping on the floor in the basement.

  15. Greg…yes we learned he was on the bottom bunk alright. Scary. Something I had never even thought about. You can imagine the shock for his parents. His mom said this was to be the last fishing job…he had other plans. Lived with them in the area between jobs. My heart goes out to them…we lost my brother due to a drunk driver when he was just 20. A family never is the same again. It cannot be.

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