I Made It Up To Him

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Jun 092014

My buddy Greg White has been feeling unloved because he’s been here for over three weeks now and I haven’t broken anything or had something for him to fix. The poor guy was going through withdrawals! So yesterday I made it up to him.

Terry’s new Splendide washer/dryer combo is due to be delivered today, so we needed to get the old one out to make room for it. It has broken down so many times that Terry and I have had it out of its compartment in our motorhome’s bedroom often enough to do it in our sleep. I borrowed a small dolly from Bob here at the campground and it was a simple chore to get the washer/dryer out to the living room, where we ran into a roadblock in the form of the passenger chair at the entrance to our Winnebago. There wasn’t enough room for the Splendide to fit past it and the darned thing weighs too much to lift over.

There are four nuts that hold the chair to its pedestal and one would think it would be a simple task to remove them. One would be wrong. The nuts were so tight I couldn’t budge them. Hey Greg, help! Smile

Greg couldn’t do anything with them either, and while we were struggling with the chair our friend Phyllis Schell came by to drop off a couple of loaves of snickerdoodle bread she had made for us. Phyllis went home and sent her hubby Dick over, hoping he could help, but Dick didn’t have a tool that was up for the job, nor did our neighbor Paul Wagner. But I knew Greg would have a trick or two up his sleeve. We made a quick run to Menards and bought an eighteen inch long piece of galvanized pipe large enough to fit over the end of the ¾-inch wrench we were using to give us more leverage, and back at the campground Greg made short work of getting the bolts loose with its assistance.

With the chair out of the way, it was easy to get the Splendide down a couple of steps and through the door. Of course, we had gravity helping. I’m not sure how things will go today when we have to bring the new unit inside and up those same steps. But I know Greg will figure something out.

After all that work, we decided that food was in order and the four of us went to Wings, Etc. for dinner. The wings were good and Terry liked her chicken Caeser salad wrap, but like many sports bars, the music was so loud that it was hard to hold a conversation.

Greg and Jan have the same model of Splendide as we just took out, so once it was outside we rolled it over to their motorhome and Greg spent an hour or so cannibalizing it for spare parts, since some of them are obsolete and hard to come by. Here you can see Greg and Miss Terry completely in their element, playing with tools. Can you tell they are having a good time? Jan and I just stayed out of the way and watched them play.

Terry Greg old washer

Congratulations to Mike Sipes, this week’s winner of an audiobook of Dog’s Run, my mystery set in a small town in the Midwest in 1951. We had 168 entries this week, and stay tuned because a new contest starts soon.

Thought For The Day – Being cremated is my last hope to someday have a smoking hot body.

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  6 Responses to “I Made It Up To Him”

  1. If you had two box end/open ended wrenches you could of put them together to get the required torque that you needed to get the job done.

  2. Congrats to Miss Terry on her new washer!!!!! Hope the install goes better than the “uninstall”!!

  3. If you had used a preferated ginculator on those bolts, they would have just flown off! Why didn’t you?


  4. I feel your pain. Just last Thursday we drove 310 miles to have our 4 door Dometic refrigerator replaced. It quit working 5 weeks ago, we bought a dorm refrigerator and used a cooler. I don’t know how many bags of ice we bought. My DH and the great mobile rv repairman took off the doors and got it out the front door of the 5’r with only a 1/4 inch on each side. The new one came in the same way. Only a couple of small scratches on the cabinet that sticks out a bit and I can fix those with my furniture pen. I was pretty nervous, afraid they would have to take it out a window. All is well and the new one is working, hopefully no more issues.

  5. Use a section of cardboard to cover the entrance steps and slide the Splendide up the cardboard ramp. Once inside you can use the dolly again. Assuming you did not break it :).

  6. Nice to have friends when the going gets tough!! And I imagine Greg is happy to have extra parts too…sometimes such comes in very handy we have learned too.

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