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Jun 172014

Thanks to those who sent messages hoping Miss Terry was feeling better. Yes, whatever bug was picking on her passed and she woke up feeling much better yesterday morning.

When I checked my morning e-mail I had one from Chris Guld, the better looking and smarter half of Geeks on Tour, suggesting she come by for a visit. Chris said her hubby Jim was at Master Tech RV Service getting some work done on their motorhome’s slide room and she wanted to get together and see if she could give me some tips on my new Samsung S5 phone, since she has one too. Anytime a pretty lady wants to come see me I’m happy, and when they want to teach me things that make my life easier, I’m thrilled.

2014-06-16 15.08.16

I’ve only had the phone for a couple of days, but so far I’m really impressed with it. It’s fast, the sound quality is very good, and it has more handy gadgets and gizmos than a Swiss Army knife.

Among other things I like is the 16 megapixel camera, which takes incredible pictures. One thing Chris showed me was the camera’s panoramic feature that allows you to take pictures that cover a wide area. Here is one I took of Chris at my desk and panned all the way to our bookshelf.

2014-06-16 15.47.52

Thanks for all your help, Chris. I think I even remember some of it. If not, I know who to call, right?

Miss Terry doesn’t care about all this high tech stuff, she was just glad that Chris kept me out from underfoot while she baked up several loaves of her whole wheat oatmeal flax bread. I think one of the reasons Greg White puts up with me is that Terry always shares her creations, and she took a loaf over to him and Jan, and another down to our friends Dick and Phyllis Schell.

2014-06-16 17.47.33

I guess the smell of that delicious fresh bread baking made it all the way over to the RV Museum because a while after Chris left my favorite geezer, Al Hesselbart, showed up. Al loves Terry’s bread and she tries to make sure he gets a couple of loaves every time we’re in the same area.

2014-06-16 18.09.34

We visited for a couple of hours and then Terry made spaghetti for dinner and asked Al to join us. I think he liked the pasta as much as the bread, and we enjoyed his company.

Today we plan to make a trip south to Peru with Greg and Jan but we won’t need any passports and we won’t be getting violated by any TSA security people. Peru is a small town about halfway between Elkhart and Indianapolis and Jan lived there for a while when she was a little girl and wants to go back and see it from an adult perspective. Peru is also home to a couple of interesting museums we might check out if we have time.

I always like to share some of my author friends’ work with my blog readers and today I have a couple of good deals for you. Coulson’s Wife is the first book in Anna J. McIntyre’s Coulson series, a family saga with romance, mystery and murder that begins in 1900 and continues to the present. It’s currently free on Amazon.

Science fiction fans will be happy to know that John Daulton has just released Alien Arrivals, the fourth book in his Galactic Mage series. John also has the first book in the series on sale for just 99¢, which is a heck of a deal.

Thought For The Day – Do not take my silence for defeat. I have just decided not to encourage your stupidity any longer.

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  8 Responses to “A Geek And A Geezer”

  1. Thank you Terry for that delicious bread!! After reading about it on the blog for several years, actually tasting it was soooo much better. It was delicious!!!!

  2. Yep, it sure was good! Thanks so much. While in Peru, venture another 16 miles to Logansport and visit Amilios Tavern. It has the BEST meatball sandwiches and the hot peppers are like pickle relish. You can get the peppers mild, medium, hot and call the fire dept. They come sliced on rye bread so a lot easier to eat than most meatball subs.

  3. I remember meeting Al at the RV Museum in Elkhart when we were up there in May. What a very interesting man. We ended up “visiting” with him for almost an hour alone while taking the tour at the museum. I had my picture taken with him because I didn’t want to forget him. He was the kind of person that you just knew you could spend hours with and he would have story after story to tell. Tell him I said HI if you see him again. He might not remember me, but I will always remember how much I enjoyed the museum and talking to him.

  4. Many thanks due. Terry for your wonderful bread – recipients who have not toasted it are missing out on another leap forward. Hope I don’t have to wait a year and a half for my next taste I might even drive half way across Florida this winter for another shot at it. The pasta dinner with salad and home made balsamic dressing was a great treat also. Joanie – the HI is received first hand and thanks for the nice comments. Al

  5. So happy that Terry is feeling better, my mouth waters every time you post pictures of Terry’s bread my mouth remembers how good it tasted. Please Nick lift your rain curse from us. One night of a tornado scaring the dickens out of us and now that we are at the Bluffs a severe storm came thru. Enough please send it to the folks in TX or California where they need it. Miss you folks

  6. Nick, it looks like you have a regular monitor and a TV set up to your computer. I am curious what size they are and how they are attached to the furniture. Also are you using a regular computer monitor connection and HDMI for the TV? While we are at it are you using any wireless devices like a wireless printer? Thanks for sharing. We’ve been off the road mid October, but leave this evening for an extended trip.

  7. Nik, I had stumbled on the wide shot on the phone but can’t remember what I did and now I can remember. These gadgets are expensive and the instructions are no existence.
    I had met Al Hesselbart a few months ago. I had been to the Museum before and noticed that there was a lot to see but there was nothing about Blue Bird Wanderlodges in the collection. I gathered some items that I had on Blue Birds, a aluminum plaque that was given to the new owner of chassis #218 I believe, a brochure of the 2000 Wanderlodge, and a Lucite cube of a Blue Bird coach with a light in it. Now the collection has a addition of something they didn’t have. My next trip to the area will include a stop to see what Al had done with these items. If any of the reader here on your blog have never been there it is well worth the time to see some oldie but goodie RV items and help support the museum.

  8. Jim, actually, I have computers on my desk. The monitor on on the left is connected to my Asus laptop (Windows) and I use a wireless keyboard for it. On the right is my iMac computer. We print by wireless to an HP Laserjet printer. Neither are attached to the desk. When we are traveling they are stored on our bed.

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