Which Four?

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May 212014

I try to be a nice guy, I really do. I hold doors open for other people, I smile and say hello to strangers, and I wish my Facebook friends happy birthday even if we’ve never met in person. But sometimes I just can’t resist pulling someone’s chain.

Several years ago I owned a beautiful Yamaha V-Star 1100cc motorcycle. We were at the fairgrounds in Casa Grande, Arizona getting ready for one of our Gypsy Journal rallies, and when I took the bike out of the van we carried it in, the battery was really low. The previous owner had installed a Battery Tender battery charger under the bike’s seat, so I pushed it over to a nearby power pole that had an electrical outlet mounted on it and plugged the bike in.

bike 2

A while later a gentleman who was there for the rally was admiring the bike and complimented me on it. “What’s the electrical cord for?” he asked. Yeah, I should have told him the truth, but I just couldn’t resist. “This is one of the new hybrid motorcycles,” I told him, “I’m charging it up to go for a ride.”

“Hybrid, like the cars? It runs on gas or battery power? What kind of mileage does it get?” “I can’t tell you the exact mileage,” I said, “But I filled the gas tank in Indiana four months ago and it’s still over half full,” I told him. (Well, that part was true, I didn’t get to ride it very much.) “Oh, I need one of these,” the man said, all excited. “I really want one! Is there a dealer here in town?” I told him there was, but that they wouldn’t have one, since the “hybrid” motorcycles were new and hard to come by and that only a handful of dealers in big cities nationwide can get them. In fact, I told him, most Yamaha dealers probably had never even heard of the new “hybrids” yet.

Somebody called my name and I walked away chuckling to myself as my new friend admired my special motorcycle. I didn’t think much about it until a few weeks later when he e-mailed me to say that he had been calling Yamaha dealers nationwide and nobody had ever heard of the “hybrid” V-Stars. “Some of them even told me there was no such thing, and when I told them I saw one with my own eyes they said I was crazy,” he complained. I really should have told him the truth, but what the hell. “You keep looking,” I advised him, “Sooner or later you’ll find a dealer who knows what you’re talking about.” For all I know, he’s still out there, searching for a motorcycle that’s as elusive as the Lost Dutchman Mine.

And I’m afraid that the years have not changed me. At the Escapade rally last week a fellow had a brand new dually four-wheel drive pickup. “Nice truck,” I told him, “I see it’s a four wheel drive.” He thanked me for the compliment and said he had never had a truck before he bought his brand new fifth wheel trailer. Then I asked him, “Which four?” “Huh?” “You have six wheels. Which ones are the four-wheel drive? Do two of them just roll free?” He looked confused, and I said, “If they all worked together it would be a six-wheel drive, right?” He scratched his head and looked at his new truck and I said, “If you’re not sure, you better find out. If it ever breaks down on you, a shop is going to need to know.” I walked away as he stared at his new truck, trying to figure out which of his six wheels were the four-wheel drive ones. I snuck a look over my shoulder as he was reaching for his cell phone. I’d have loved to be listening in on that conversation. Smile

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Big Lake Lyinching Audio cover

Thought For The Day – Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach him to fish and he will spend a fortune on fly rods, tackle, monofilament line, a boat, trailer, fish finder, and beer.

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  11 Responses to “Which Four?”

  1. Too funny Nick … with all those years of experience behind you one of these days someone is going to tell the corporate guys, “but Nick Russell said so!” and they will be hunting you down 🙂

  2. Nick you are a stinker! But I like your devilish sense of humor.

  3. Are you president of the Snipe Hunting Association as well? How are sales at your blinker fluid company going? LOL

  4. AND Terry puts up with this!!!
    Okay too funny, but how do you do it with a straight face?

  5. And this was a “Good” Nick posting. It gave me my chuckle for the day. Thanks.

  6. It’s the back 4 silly.

  7. Whatever floats your boat, Nick! 😉

  8. Bad Nick at his greatest, just to funny and it show how gullible some folks are, me included. Thanks for a good chuckle with my cereal and coffee love ya

  9. And I’ll bet that back when you were in printing, you sent the new guys out for a package of halftone dots!

  10. I just got done putting summer air in all my tires, they will run much better than winter air.

  11. That’s bad…… Nick, but then that’s why they call you bad nick…. Anyway you may have problems with people trusting you in the future…

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