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May 192014

Today’s the day I kick off my first day-long self-publishing workshop and I must admit to being a bit nervous. I’ve presented hundreds of seminars over the years on everything from working on the road to how to buy an RV to seminars on self-publishing. But this is the first time I’ve attempted a day-long workshop on my own.

Somebody asked me why I’m doing this, since I already have a lot going on. There are several reasons. I’ve had a certain amount of success as both a blogger and an independent author and I get a lot of questions from people asking how to break into indie publishing. I love presenting seminars and sharing what I know with others, so this seems like a good way to do it. Another reason is because I get very tired of hearing the horror stories of nice people who were taken advantage of by unscrupulous vanity publishers. If you think RV salesmen are crooks, try getting a book published through these guys. And finally, because I love a challenge and trying something new. I have owned several businesses over the years, from newspapers and a printing company to a gun shop, furniture store, and a couple of book stores. But once I got them up and running I would get bored and sell them so I could move on to the next project. If this works out I may do other workshops in the places where we are traveling.

Jim and Chris Guld? from Geeks On Tour? are going to be at the workshop and Jim is going to try to record it for release as a download or DVD. We’ll see how that works out.

While I worked on last minute details for the workshop yesterday, Miss Terry was busy wading through a huge pile of paperwork, logging in sales from the rally, updating our subscription lists, and doing all of the other things she does to keep our business running smoothly. At the Escapees rally last week, someone asked me what would I do without her? I hate to even think about it. I guess I’d have to get a real job

We did stop for a while yesterday when my cousins Berni Frees and her sister Vanessa Mitchell stopped in for a visit. We saw Berni briefly a couple of weeks ago, but it’s been at least three years since we’ve seen Vanessa. It was a real treat to have them here and after getting caught up on everything going on with their family we went to Culver’s for lunch. Greg and Jan came along with us and we all had a good time. With that many pretty ladies surrounding me, I wanted to preserve the moment for posterity, so Greg took this picture of me with Berni standing behind me, and Vanessa behind Terry.


With so much going on at the rally last week,it was easier not to hold our weekly free drawing, but don’t worry, another one will kick off later this week.

Meanwhile, how about some free books from some of my author pals to keep you occupied? If you like romance novels, Mona Ingram’s Loving From Afar, part of her excellent Women of Independence series, is free on Amazon and you can also get it free on iTunes. When it comes to thrillers and action adventure, nobody holds a candle to Russell Blake. He is the author the rest of us want to be, and his Night of the Assassin is free on Amazon. Check it out, but be forewarned, you’re going to get hooked on this guy! And last, but certainly not least, is The Journals of Jacob and Hyde, the first book in Randy Morris’ Jehovah and Hades series.

Thought For The Day – That which does not kill me should run like hell.

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  4 Responses to “Today’s The Day!”

  1. I’ve been to a bunch of your seminars at Life on wheels and RV rallies over the years and you were always my favorite speaker Nick. I love how you inject your sense of humor in your presentations so I laugh and learn all at the same time. I told you once at the RV show in Hershey PA that I’d pay to listen to you read the newspaper want ads. I wish I was at this new event.

  2. You nervous Nick? No way! Your going to knock them dead like you always do. I still remember when you taught two hour and a half long classes at Life on Wheels one right after the other while you were in the middle of having a heart attack and never skipped a beat!

  3. Good Luck Nick. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. I have always wanted to do a mini conference with other authors presenting theri wisdom…I loved the Santa Barbara conference, a lot of big names but they are behind in the technology and marketing departments.
    I know you are a wealth of knowledge. It is my dream to travel and do these kinds of seminars. There are so many stories out there that need to be told and self-publishing has made that possible.

  4. good luck with the new seminar, you won’t need it though. You are an outstanding presenter who does a fantastic job..

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