The Mighty Bungee

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May 022014

Except for a Swiss Army knife, can you think of anything more versatile than the simple ball bungee? As RVers, what would we do without them? They’re like elastic duct tape and no recreational vehicle should be without a ready supply on hand.

A Ball bungee is a short piece of rubber bungee cord looped together and knotted inside a small plastic ball. They come in different lengths, with the most popular and versatile being four and six inches. I like to have a supply handy and I usually stock up on them at flea markets, where you can buy bundles of them at affordable prices. They are also available at RV stores, from vendors at RV rallies, and on Amazon.

Ball bungee pack

We have used ball bungees in so many ways that I can’t begin to count them. Hanging up our Gypsy Journal banner above our vendor booth at RV rallies, securing a floppy awning arm, to hold a sheet made into makeshift movie screen to a wall, to keep electrical cords and water hoses together, keeping the paddles to our Sea Eagle kayaks together, to keep the wheels on Terry’s bike from spinning when it is attached to the ladder on the back of our motorhome, to hold things in place inside our storage bays, attaching a tarp to a canopy frame and more. When we used a portable TV dish mounted on a tripod we used ball bungees attached to stakes driven into the ground to hold it in place.

Pair ball bungees

Two or more ball bungees can be looped together to secure larger items like ladders, to tie down equipment in the back of a pickup truck or on a trailer, and to hold things in place on the back of a motorcycle or ATV.

Back in my newspaper days, I remember reporting a story in Arizona years ago when a hunter used two ball bungees looped together to create a tourniquet to keep from bleeding to death after he went off the road and rolled his pickup.

And there are lots of other uses, limited only by your imagination. What are some of the ways you have found them useful?

Yesterday was another cold dreary day, with showers off and on. Terry was busy stuffing envelopes and I spent most of the day writing, knocking out another chapter in my next Big Lake mystery, and I even let Bad Nick loose at the computer. Check out his latest Bad Nick blog, He’s Dead, So It Worked, and leave a comment.

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  7 Responses to “The Mighty Bungee”

  1. Many years ago I relegated my “hair bungees” to the “tool bin” of our motorhome. They are probably smaller than what you show, but come in handy for many items. I bought them for my hair, but found that I didn’t use them for that purpose, so had to find another way to utilize them.

    Virtual hugs,


  2. You can never have too many things to use as hold downs in an RV. I love the ball bungees the most for their versatility.

  3. Yes, another one of those “necessary” items in an RV. Small, yet so many uses.

  4. I no longer use or own any bungee cords since one slipped off of where it was attached and caused great pain, the loss of a tooth, a full year of care to get my implant all at the cost of $3000.

  5. Nick, I see you referred to Miss Terry’s bike. Do you not have one or did you break yours?

  6. I had one for a while, Jim. But riding it aggravated an old back injury and my doctor told me to stop.

  7. Bungee balls great for many camping, RV occasions. Quality varies from vendors. Cheap ones lose elasticity quickly. I can usually find some good one at Quartzsite.

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