Ribs And Diamonds

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May 282014

Yesterday morning started out with a phone call from Greg White asking if we wanted to go for a walk around Elkhart Campground with him and Jan. The full loop around the place is almost exactly one half mile and Lord knows I need the exercise. But it was only 10 a.m., which is barely the crack of dawn in my world. I hadn’t even had my Fruit Loops yet, so I declined.

When they finished their walk Terry and I went over and sat outside their motorhome in camp chairs for a while. Now, anybody who knows me knows that I love dogs, except for yappy little mutts. There are dog people and there are cat people. I’m a dog people. However, Greg’s cat Mister thinks he’s a dog and since nobody has disabused him of that belief, he and I get along very well. So I spent most of our visit with him in my lap rubbing his face all over me as he purred. I think it’s the feline equivalent of humping my leg.

Eventually it got too hot, but there was a nice breeze blowing, so I decided to get my Prism Snapshot 1.9 speed foil to get some flying time, since I haven’t touched my kites all winter. But alas, about the time I got the lines laid out the wind died and I couldn’t get it to fly for more than a minute or two at a time, so I gave up.

I answered some e-mails, sent out a couple of inquiries about places we want to visit to get stories for upcoming issues of the Gypsy Journal, and then checked into RVillage to find that I already have 34 friends since I joined yesterday. Just about the time I logged off, RVillage founder Curtis Coleman showed up asking for information on press releases and things like that and I offered what little useful advice I could.

Just as Curtis was wrapping up his visit our friend Al Hesselbart from the RV Museum showed up. Terry was cooking a batch of her delicious baby back ribs and we had invited Al to help us work our way through them, along with Greg and Jan.

Terry loves her Orion smoker. It cooks with charcoal by convection and it can do three full racks of ribs in 90 minutes without precooking them. Quite a few of our blog readers have purchased an Orion smoker from our link on Amazon and they all are delighted with them.

Orion smoker

Of course Terry doesn’t just throw the ribs into the smoker. First she spices them with a rub and then lets them marinate overnight. Then she puts apple juice in the bottom of the smoker and a couple of spoonful’s of dampened hickory chips around the pan to flavor the ribs. They turned out perfect. And yes, the recipe for the dry rub is in her RV cookbook, Miss Terry’s Kitchen.

Ribs in Orion smoker


Terry also made black beans and pico de gallo to go with the ribs, and Jan brought her twice baked potato casserole and garlic bread. Everything was delicious and we all ate way too much. I may have to take that walk this morning just to help work it off!

Food Table

Even with everything else we’ve got going on, Terry started a new weaving project, and this is her most elaborate one yet. It’s a double diamond pattern using a fine thread, and the warp (the light colored vertical threads) uses 212 individual threads! Each one of them had to be threaded through one of the loom’s wire heddles, which took her a full day.

Double diamond pattern loom

Here is a close up to show you the detail in the pattern.

Double diamond pattern close

It’s Wednesday, and time to kick off a new Free Drawing. This week’s prize is an autographed copy of So, You Want to be a Full-Time RVer? by John and Kathy Huggins of Living the RV Dream podcast fame. Whether you’re a wannabe, a newbie or a fulltimer with years of RV travel under your belt, you’ll learn something from this excellent book. All you have to do is click on the Free Drawing link and enter your name in the comments section at the bottom of that page (not this one). Only one entry per person per drawing please, and you must enter with your real name. To prevent spam or multiple entries, the names of cartoon or movie characters are not allowed. The winner will be drawn Sunday evening.


Thought For The Day – If you go to a bar where everybody knows your name, you’re probably an alcoholic.

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  10 Responses to “Ribs And Diamonds”

  1. I am SO IMPRESSED with how great Terri’s weaving is coming along…indeed she is talented!! She must be to have come so far so quickly!! What a fun hobby that she can do even in the fulltiming lifestyle!!

  2. That weave pattern by Terri is beautiful. She is certainly a multi-talented person.

  3. Nick
    Themmmmmmmmmm ribs look GOOD!!!!!
    I’d head over but you will probably polish off the leftovers before I can drive the 1200 miles or so to get there!!! There probably won’t be any leftovers anyway…..I can still almost smell ’em from here.You have my permission to eat a couple extras for me!

    Miss Terry, you must have a lot of patience doing that pattern , bet that keeps you busy for a while.

  4. Nick, I bought an Orion cooker years ago, thanks to you. And now I’ve gotten a bunch of other people to buy them. We always get inquisitive looks whenever I pull it out and fire it up. It’s impossible to mess up a hunk of meat with that thing!

  5. Where do you store the orion?

  6. Beautiful Terry,
    I ‘ll take one in soft blue! thanks.

  7. Nick,

    I am a life-long observer of cat habits. You got it partially wrong. What Mister is doing is as follows:

    Periodically the adult make cat will compress his anal glands by rubbing his butt up against a tree or a car tire. The adult male cat will then rub the material from his anal glands against his cheeks and then transfer it to the object of his affection. So, you were close in your interpretation of Mister’s behavior — I thought my might like a little more information. Let me know if you need more.

  8. Love the weaving pattern. Terry is doing an amazing job.
    Boy those ribs look good. I have the ebook but I also have a rub recipe that I have used for years with wonderful results. I will have to compare them.
    Have a great day!

  9. Brian, we store the Orion in one of our bays.

  10. I concur with everyone else. . .the weaving pattern is gorgeous!

    Glad Terry has time to pursue her hobby now that you guys aren’t needing to plan the next rally 24/7. . .good for y’all. . .way to go!

    and yeah. . .the ribs looked fabulous too. . .

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