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May 122014

Congratulations to Corkey Bergamo, winner of an audiobook of Going Home With A Cat And A Ghost in this this week’s Gypsy Journal drawing. Stay tuned, a new contest starts soon.

We were up early yesterday morning and getting ready for our trip to Escapade. After a quick look at e-mail I dumped the holding tanks, fired up the Winnebago, hooked our Explorer to the tow bar and we were ready to go. We left Elkhart Campground about 9:45 and 45 minutes later were in line at the fairgrounds in Goshen, waiting to be directed to our parking spot.

We got parked, spent some time unloading sample copies of the Gypsy Journal and boxes of books and RV guides we’ll be selling, and getting our vendor booth set up. It would have gone faster, but there were so many friends to say hello to and get hugs from that we had to stop a few times. Not that we were complaining.

Somebody said there are going to be over 500 RVs here, and this is just a sample of some of them.

Escapade RVs

Once we were finished with the booth we came back to the motorhome and I took a nap because, well, I’m lazy. Then we spent some time wandering though the RVs for sale that were on display and decided that though there were some nice ones, there wasn’t anything we liked more than what we already have. Our 2002 Winnebago Ultimate Advantage fits all of our needs perfectly and we love the floor plan.

About 6 p.m. there was a vendor/staff pizza party and we had a great time visiting with everybody. Since we stopped holding our own rallies, it was fun seeing so many people we had not seen in a couple of years. Here I am at my happiest, with a pretty lady on each side, Miss Terry and our dear friend Jean Damon.

Terry Nick Jean Damon

Jean was born in the Philippines, where she studied Asian massage techniques before marrying Dave and moving to the United States to become a fulltime RV gypsy. Now they work the rally circuit selling RV cleaning products and Jean gives massages. If you have never had a professional massage, trust me, you have no idea what you’re missing. Pamper yourself and get one sometime. I plan to take advantage of Jean’s services while we’re here.

For Mother’s Day last year, Terry said to get her something wildly expensive and totally useless, so I bought her an iron lung. This year she was more conservative and said to just get her a forget-me-not. I figure with this she won’t ever forget me. What do you think?

Bad Nick tattoo

Thought For The Day – We have millions of choices but only one life.

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  1. I feel that Bad Nick would have a tattoo on his *ss! No we don’t need a photo either. lol

  2. after meeting Miss Terry this morning, I can tell you for a fact that you are a lucky guy. . .what a wonderful, gracious lady! You are going to have a busy week. . .have fun!

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