It Was A Good Week

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May 162014

We had a very good week at the Escapees Escapade rally this past week, in spite of the pouring rain, frigid temperatures, wind, and mud. Yeah, it was typical RV rally weather.

Terry and I enjoyed seeing so many old and new friends who stopped by our vendor booth.

Nick Terry Escapade 

Here we have a combination of the old and the new. Our dear old friend John Beasley brought his beautiful new bride Dee by to introduce her to us, and she is a wonderful lady. We wish them many years of joy and happiness together.

Nick John Beasley Dee Beasley

These are two very special friends of ours, Russ and Debbie Davis. Yesterday was Russ’ birthday and he has reached that advanced age where he was trying to keep a low profile about it. But some darned seminar presenter with the skills of an investigative reporter ferreted out that bit of news and the next thing you know Russ had a room full of people singing Happy Birthday to him.

Russ Debbie Davis

And this is Mark Nemeth, the Escapees technical guru. No matter what you need help with, from a stubborn computer to an RV refrigerator that doesn’t want to keep things cold, a quick call to Mark usually gets things working again quickly. I’ve known Mark for at least 13 years and we keep saying someday we need to take an hour or two to just sit and talk, away from all the activity of an RV rally, but we never seem to find the time.

Mark Nemeth

Here are a couple of very pretty ladies, Miss Terry and Chris Guld from Geeks on Tour.

Terry Chris Yust

My last two seminars of the Escapade yesterday were well attended and folks seemed to enjoy them. Though I was terrified of public speaking for much of my life, now I love presenting seminars and have been up on stage in front of huge audiences. Fulltime RVing has given me a lot of new experiences.

Nick giving seminar 3

Nick giving boondocking seminar

Thanks to Bruce Fay for several of the photos in today’s blog.

By the time I finished my last seminar and got back to the Market area, Terry had our vendor booth broken down and everything packed away, so all that was left to do was haul everything out to our Explorer and then pack it away in the motorhome’s bays.

Our pals Charles and Chris Yust are leaving for Alaska early today, so we had our last dinner together last night. We’re going to miss them but we know they are excited about their trip and we’ll be following their new blog to keep up with their adventures.

I learned something interesting yesterday that I’m personally excited about. Sometime in the next few weeks the Escapees will expand their excellent mail forwarding service, currently based in Livingston, Texas, with a branch in Bushnell, Florida. Terry and I have been seriously considering changing our domicile to Florida and this will make that decision much easier to make. Club representatives also said that plans are in the making for a third mail service branch in South Dakota. While Texas is a good fit for many fulltime RVers, there is no one size fits all, and Florida and South Dakota are also very popular with many fulltimers.

After a week of being up by 7 a.m., we plan to sleep in a little bit today and then go back to Elkhart Campground. It’s only 25 or 30 miles so it will be a quick and easy trip.

Thought For The Day – Don’t believe everything you think.

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  5 Responses to “It Was A Good Week”

  1. Nick, thanks for the great article as usual. Too bad we aren’t yet able to participate in any Escapades (in fact we just were able to join Escapees early this week), but we do look forward for the time we will able to share in all this fun.

    We have also been following the Escapees vs Texas situation regarding the mandatory annual inspection FUBAR with keen interest, as we are (were?) planning on TX as domicile, but are now starting to consider the alternatives.

    Would you mind telling us more about your rationale for selecting Florida as a domicile?

    Thanks in advance,

    Vall & Mo.

  2. Nick, how about a future blog concerning your reasons on possibly changing your domicile from South Dakota to Florida? Taxes, insurance, vehicle fees, etc. Bob

  3. Vall, Mo and Bob,
    I will try to do a blog about that, but the short version is that we like Florida, we spend a lot of time there, and when/if we ever get off the road it’s probably where we’ll settle down.

  4. Curse you, Nick Russell. You show at the Escapade and the weather goes all to hell.

    I guess it’s a small price to pay to get to attend your presentations, but still. . .

    It WILL be interesting to see what happens to Goshen’s climate as your rig pulls out. Nice to see you and Terry again.

  5. Nick: thanks for the summary re: your move from SD to FL. If/when you decide to write a blog post on it, we would of course be very interested.

    Bob: We’re researching domicile, and SD and FL (given the current TX annual inspection FUBAR) are top of the list. We found this other article from Technomadia on their moving their domicile from SD to FL, and it touches on many aspects you mentioned:
    Hope it helps.


    Vall & Mo.

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