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May 062014

As we get closer to the Escapees Escapade rally next week at the fairgrounds in Goshen, Elkhart Campground is getting busier. Yesterday it seemed like one RV after another pulled in. But there is still plenty of room for anyone needing a nice place to stay until the rally starts.

Terry and I have been coming here for more years than I can remember and owners Bob and Gita Patel are wonderful people who have made us part of their extended family. When we first visited the campground their two sons were little boys, and today both of them are fine young men and honors students in college.

With so many folks arriving at the campground we are seeing more and more familiar faces. Unfortunately, I can’t always put names with those faces. I love RV rallies because there, people wear name badges so I don’t look so dumb. Smile

Paul and Sally Wagner have been staying here every summer at least as long as we have, and they came over for a visit yesterday morning. Later on we were outside trying to arrange things in the back of our Explorer when Larry and Marilyn Forbes came walking by and stopped to chat for a few minutes. And later on when I went up to the office to pick up a package of my books that UPS had delivered I met up with a couple of others whose names escape me. And then sometime during the afternoon our friend Al Hesselbart came over and spent a couple of hours.

Today our pals John and Kathy Huggins from the Living The RV Dream podcast, and Charles and Chris Yust from C&C Insurance are due in, and tomorrow Don and Sharon Del Rosario will show up. It’s going to be a family reunion!

On a sour note, I heard from a gentleman yesterday who owns a vacant strip mall that has a fast food restaurant out front. He said he is a weekend camper himself and always used to allow RVs and truckers to pull in and park overnight. But last fall a couple in an RV headed south for the winter stopped for the night. Apparently while they were asleep, someone broke a window in their truck and stole the wife’s purse, a camera, and some other stuff. Now they are suing him for damages. So he has blocked off the lot and nobody can park there anymore. I can’t say as I blame him. What jerks.

Thought For The Day – Given a choice, always go with the decision that will give you the best story to tell later on.

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  11 Responses to “Getting Busy”

  1. What idiot leaves their purse in full view or even hidden in a truck overnight when you should have it in the camper or trailer? I don’t see how he is responsible for letting people park there. If someone breaks in at Walmart when you are parked there, is walmart responsible? I don’t get it.

    There was a shooting at a campground here in TN, I went to the campground website and everyone has to sign a very long waiver. I wonder if the victims will still sue?

  2. Suing the owner for there stupidity? Why on earth would you leave a purse in a truck overnight for the temptation of thieves. They themselves are now trying to become the thieves!! Ridiculous law suits anyway. Shouldn’t even be allowed in court in the first place!!

    Shaking my head here……….just wrong!

  3. Sure hope that this case is thrown out and the couple suing has to pay all the court costs. Frivolous lawsuits are costing Americans huge amounts of money. Actually the couple was trespassing on private property. And besides why was her purse and stuff in the truck? You don’t leave your important stuff away from where you are. Sounds like a couple with just enough brain power to sue some one but not enough brain power for common sense.

  4. Wonder how many other frivolous lawsuits this couple has engineered?

  5. I know I’ll get flamed for this but the landowner IS responsible for anything that happens on his property and when he makes it available to every Tom Dick and Harry to park there he assumes that liability. It’s no different than if someone slips and falls on private property. Do we say well maybe you should learn to tie your shoe or to walk better or do we seek redress for our injuries? It doesn’t matter where the victim left her purse. That is not an open invitation to be robbed. And it is not coming out of his pocket anyway. That’s what insurance is for. And YES I am a retired attorney and YES I damn sure would have sued in the same circumstances.

  6. Like the saying goes, ‘Ya can’t fix stupid’. People are ‘sue happy’ nowadays. Ready to blame someone else for their stupidity and eager to sue. What ever happened to good old common sense?? And yes, insurance usually pays up, but… whose pocket do the higher and higher premiums come out of? Yep, you got it! And greedy attorneys are a part of the problem, as they get a nice slice of the pie when the ‘victim’ wins. OK attorneys, let the flaming begin! 🙂

  7. Kevin: jerk! That’s what’s wrong with our society today. No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. Thus, frivolous lawsuits abound and the only winners are you, the attorney. The losers are all the rest of us with you clogging up our judicial system and making our insurance costs rise. And no I’m not an attorney, and no I don’t sue my neighbor doing me a good deed! Hope you are enjoying your retirement and your RV financed with money from all your “good deeds.”

    Sorry, Nick. I just had to say it.

  8. Sounds like Kevin’s thought is that if you don’t tie your shoes and trip over your own shoelaces, it’s the property owner’s fault. At least that’s what he said.

    Sounds like he would be happy to represent those people you see on grocery store security cameras spilling milk and then slipping in it so they can sue the store.

  9. Say what you will, I didn’t create our legal system I just worked within its parameters.

  10. Sad day in RV Camping World, Where is Bad Nick?

  11. There is a difference betweek “working” in a system versus “exploiting” the system.

    Justifying it, makes it even sicker.

    If someone breaks their wife’s jaw when they wanted to “just” slap her, I guess that is alright as well.

    Sorry Uncle Nick, stuff like this just irks me.

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