A Day Full Of Errands

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May 302014

Not every day in the life of fulltime RVers is filled with traveling and exploring new places. Just like people who live in traditional houses, some days are just about getting routine things done. Yesterday was just such a day. We didn’t have any big plans so it was a good day to get a lot of errands out of the way.

The day started with a phone call from our contact at Chase Bank, telling us that there was yet another form that had been overlooked and needed to be signed for our new business account with them. So after checking e-mail and replying to several that needed a quick response, and checking in with Greg and Jan to see if they needed anything from the store, we left the campground.

We were in and out of the bank in just a few minutes and our next stop was at WalMart. Terry had some shopping to do, and after dropping her off I drove around to the auto service department to see about getting the Explorer’s oil changed. All three service bays were empty and there was one car parked outside of one of them so I figured I could get in and out pretty quickly. I should have known better. There were three or four employees wandering around looking for a way to avoid work I guess, because when I inquired, one told me it would take an hour and a half or maybe two hours for an oil change. Really? Because you’re all so busy, right?

No problem, I drove to Jiffy Lube a couple of miles away, they took me right in, and the job was completed and I was out in no time at all. I guess the folks there like to take care of customers. What a concept!

My next stop was to fill the gas tank, and then I decided to pamper the Explorer a little bit more and took it to the car wash, since it was looking pretty shabby. $14 and a few coats of road grime lighter I drove back to WalMart, where the same three bays were still open and what looked like the same car was parked in the same place outside one of them. Tell me again, how did this company get so big?

I picked up Terry and we drove to RV Parts Nation to get a new seat for our Sealand Traveler 510 Toilet . We’ve had both Thetford and Sealand toilets in RVs over the years and prefer the Sealands, so we were very pleased to easily find a replacement seat at the surplus store. Back at home it was an easy job for Terry to remove the two nuts holding the old seat in place and install the new one.

A bunch of new e-mails had come in while we were out and it took an hour or so to deal with them, and then I decided that I deserved a nap, and hearing no objection from Miss Terry, I did just that. She woke me up just in time for a delicious dinner of her hash made from some leftover tri-tip steak from a few days ago and diced potatoes. Yummy!

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Thought For The Day – Sometimes the first step toward forgiveness is realizing that the other person was born an idiot.

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  6 Responses to “A Day Full Of Errands”

  1. You better have Miss Terry check the oil level in the Explorer, as I have seen where they did not fill them to the correct level. My daughter and son-in-law lost an engine that way. Never hurts to check.

  2. If your Walmart auto service experience was at the store on County Road 6 in Elkhart, that is normal. I quit using them for tire service and oil changes about 4 years ago…plain lousy customer service. The store between Elkhart and Goshen has always been far superior in auto service, I used them twice to fix poor tire balancing done by the CR 6 store, thinking the 1st time was a fluke. On one slow morning at the store between Elkhart and Goshen, I had an oil change, tires rotated and tire balances checked in under 40 minutes. Convenience isn’t always the answer.

  3. Business checking accounts. I always found it annoying that I had to provide a “Corporate resolution” when opening a business checking account. Like someone at the bank actually read it.

  4. It is also obvious that no manager at any walmart has ever tried to use the deli department. Those people make the auto service look like greased lightning.
    Try it sometime. IF there is someone behind the counter they will look at you with a blank stare and turn around and do something else. Amazing.

  5. I have found the same at our “Walmats”. I think it is due to mandatory time in the store: Take that spare time 1- 2 hrs, and look for stuff you don’t have to have in our store while you wait.
    Forget that I use a local garage and keep them in business.

  6. I hear all the complaints about Wal-Mart, true 99% of service is crappy. How many of you have taken the time when dissatisfied with any service took the complaint to the department manager, if not done with that go to the CSM still nothing happens next step is to go to the assistant manager. We have done this several times at different stores and we have always gotten prompt corrections to most problems. If you do not do this these folks cannot change things. Yes it is a pain in the ass but things can change. This can only happen when people complain enough. Nick I am not saying this because my son works for them, but as he tells up change will only come when the upper management is aware. Folks complain do not just accept crap from them.

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