Apr 072014

They say the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys and I guess that’s probably true. So when my son-in-law Scott told me that when they bought their mini-ranch it came with a tractor, my first thought was “Now that’s a toy!” And when Scott told me I was welcome to play with it, he earned himself a whole lot of extra points.

Now, I’ve never been on a tractor, but I have driven a couple of golf carts. Except for a big hydraulic bucket out front, tires almost as tall as I am, and the ability to drive through fences, buildings and over small cars, how different could it be? What could possibly go wrong?

Nick on tractor

Scott gave me a quick lesson on the tractor’s controls, then stepped back and let me at it. Well, maybe he jumped back, or ran like hell, depending on whose description of things you choose to believe.


Oh, if we had any land I would definitely need one of these babies! It didn’t take me long to get the hang of it and then I had all kinds of fun running around the place on that thing. I didn’t run over anything I wasn’t supposed to, but I did push a big pile of brush around for a while.

Nick driving tractor

Nick pushing brush

Maybe I should put the tractor on a trailer and take it with us. Imagine what the people with the yappy little dogs that don’t pick up after them would do if they saw this heavy duty pooper scooper coming at them!

Nick with tractor

It’s a good thing I have Scott’s tractor to play with, and am getting plenty of loves from Tiffany and the granddaughters and three dogs to get my puppy fixes, because it got down to 24 degrees Saturday night and 28 last night. I need a lot of incentive to stay anyplace this cold!

Congratulations to Margaret Bergen, this week’s winner of the Gypsy Journal drawing for an audiobook of Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate by Randall Morris. We had 151 entries in this week’s drawing. Stay tuned, because a new drawing starts soon! Morris just released a second helping of his valuable technical advice, Explanations and Advice for the Tech Illiterate Volume II, which just became available on Amazon. Get your copy now; these little guidebooks will save you a ton of frustration with your tech toys.

If you enjoy science fiction I’ve got good news for you. My friend Stephen Arseneault has just released AMP Colossus, the fifth book in his exciting AMP series! And my own Big Lake, the first book in my Big Lake mystery series, which made the New York Times e-book bestseller list is on sale for 99¢ on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a limited time only.

Thought For The Day – Dogs are God’s way of apologizing for your relatives.

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  6 Responses to “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”

  1. After reading the headline on today’s blog I practically had to tip toe through the entire story. I was afraid I’d read where the tractor got away from you and created some sort of unfortunate damage. Alas, that was not the case. Good Nick had another successful maiden voyage. Attaboy, Nick.

  2. Who was the brave soul taking the picture standing in front of that bucket? It had to be Miss Terry – lots of love and trust there. 😉

  3. Nik,You can certainly entertain yourself with a tractor. Your pictures have made you look refreshed, young, and of course the bad side can show up if you are not careful such as backing up with out looking and customizing your Jeep, the fence, the tree, the truck , and heaven forbid the RV. I have a little land and my “Big Blue” New Holland has done some chores that I would have never done or started without Big Blue. Fun times. Came in handy with the LARGE snow piles this winter. I too have a smile in my face every time I use it and when I make a payment on it. Then cry when I make out the check! it’s like the RV every time I sit in the drivers seat to start another adventure BIG SMILES.

  4. Boys and their toys!!!! Course if you OWN one, you will always be doing someone ELSE’S work!! I must admit they are fun fun fun, but as a tow car, it would take you an hour to get to town!!

  5. That photo of scowling Bad Nick with with the giant scooper closing in on the transgressor is priceless.

  6. Love the pooper scooper picture.
    Looking forward to seeing you both at Escapade. Be sure and bring lots of copies of Miss Terry’s cookbook. Gonna be a great seller!!!! Save me one.
    Hugs from Ohio. It was just 44 here last night.

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