Apr 142014

Whatever happened to April showers bringing May flowers? Last night it was snowing here at Tiffany’s place, a few miles outside of Show Low, Arizona and the temperature was down in the low 30s overnight. Today the high will be just over 60, and depending on which weatherman you choose to believe, it will be somewhere between 29 and 24 tonight. Not to mention the fact that it’s cold, windy and snowing! I am not amused!

But at least we’ve got the grandkids to warm our hearts. This is Destiny, who will turn seven this week. Can you tell she loves her Grandma Terry? And I think Grandma kind of likes her too.

Terry Destiny

She is Tiffany’s youngest and she cracks me up. Consider this conversation we had yesterday morning:

Grandpa Nick to Destiny: "You’re full of beans."

Destiny: "That doesn’t even make sense."

Grandpa Nick: "If you ate beans what would you be full of?"

Destiny: "Farts."

You just gotta love the grandkids!

Destiny at desk

Before it turned so cold, we had a busy day yesterday. Scott and I were working on a couple of projects around the place and I spent at least two hours on the tractor. I’m far from being as skilled as Scott is with the thing, but with his careful direction I at least managed to dig a good sized hole without running over any of the dogs or horses, and I even avoided hitting the motorhome or their house. I’ll take my victories where I can get them.

During the afternoon the girls went to their dad’s house and won’t be back until after school on Wednesday. We’ll sure miss them until then!

We’re not the only ones having bad weather. Last night on Facebook, Gregg McHenry said it was cold and windy in Amarillo, with snow predicted by morning. Bobbie Chapman, of the excellent Chappy Trails blog, said they were getting the same thing in southern Colorado. And blog reader Arnold Silverman said they were supposed to be down in the 20s the next two nights at his place near Indianapolis. It seems like almost every region has something going on, from snow to strong thunderstorms, hail, and everything except a plague of locusts. But stay tuned, even that wouldn’t surprise me!

Speaking of bad weather, blog reader Helen Merton wrote to tell me that she and hubby George recently retired from their jobs with the state of California and are brand new fulltimers. Helen said they are headed to the Midwest and then on to New England, and asked for advice on a portable weather radio. I am a fan of the Ambient Weather WR-111-B-AC Adventurer Emergency Solar Hand Crank Weather Alert Radio, which also has a flashlight and cell phone charger. Ambient makes several models and I like the ability several have to be charged with a hand crank in case power fails.


Congratulations to Wallie Libby, winner of this week’s drawing for an audiobook of Birdsongs by Jason Deas! We had 117 entries in this week’s drawing, and if you haven’t won yet, stay tuned, because a new contest starts Wednesday.

Before I close, I want to wish a happy birthday to my daughter-in-law, Geli. I hope you have a wonderful day you pretty lady. We’re looking forward to seeing you and Travis when we get back east.  

Thought For The Day – Think big thoughts but relish small pleasures.

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  8 Responses to “Gotta Love The Grandkids!”

  1. Oh that is precious! Farts! I love it! That little girl is beautiful and you can see she has grandpa’s quick mind in that mischievous look on her face!

  2. In Delaware, Ohio. Yesterday in the 70s. Today windy, tonight in 20’s, possible snow tomorrow. Just another day of RVing.

  3. 6 Earthquakes near Perry OK in 48 hours just 2 days ago and light snow flurries today! Can you say Crazy???

  4. speaking of very nasty weather Hondo and all surrounding areas just had on hell of a nasty storm go thru, high winds, small hail and lots of ground lightening, Mike will be going out as soon as it let up to see any hail damage to the rig and see why our lot partially flooded. Lots of rain fell in a very short period of time. This is the first bad storm we have had come thru. Guess it does not matter where you live you are getting bizarre weather for this time of year

  5. At the Prescott Valley Elks and just about being blown off bluff.

  6. On your suggestion last fall we bought that same weather radio. We checked it for friend and it saved her from the flooding in Colorado. Now she bought her own as we do not always travel together. Thanks Nick!

  7. Bad weather everywhere!!! I’m in Hawaii where we have winds from 20-50 mph with lows in the 60’s … and NO one sells coats here!!! With nothing but shorts, light tops and sandals, I’m freezing!!! Not a bad place to freeze though!!!

  8. Elkhart IN 78 yesterday 25 and 2-3 inches tonite. What the…. why did I come back from Florida.

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