Apr 012014

After spending so much of our time at the hospital and then hospice lately, yesterday we finally had a chance to slow down a little bit and start getting back to normal. Or at least what is normal for us.

We slept in a little bit, then spent most of the day catching up on things here at home. It’s amazing how much of a backlog can build up if we don’t keep up with e-mail. While we were spending so much time with Shar and Jimmy we only had time to answer the most pressing ones. By the end of the day I had answered about 60 e-mails and deleted nearly a hundred more that were forwards that I didn’t even bother to open.

I also made the final corrections to the print edition of Terry’s cookbook, put together a back cover and spine, and uploaded it to CreateSpace, Amazon’s book printing division. If everything passes muster with them we’ll get a proof copy in a few days and once we check it out and approve it, the cookbook will be available online. We also plan to order some copies to have at our vendor booth at Escapade in Goshen, Indiana in May.


While I was doing all of that, Terry was working her way through a pile of orders and subscriptions that needed to be entered into our bookkeeping program, trying to whittle it down to a manageable size.

Terry has been craving good Mexican food, so about 4 p.m. we went to Los Gringos Locos, her favorite Mexican restaurant here in Apache Junction. Terry had a chicken chimchanga and I had the chicken quesadilla, and as always, the food and service were both excellent. We’re going to miss this place when we leave the area.

We only have a few days left here; I have an appointment with a rheumatologist at the V.A. hospital in Tucson on Friday and then if the weather cooperates, we’ll go up to my daughter’s place near Show Low on Saturday. This time of year the wind can be very strong in Arizona and we’ve had a few windy days lately, so hopefully it will give us a break over the weekend.

If you enjoy mysteries, let me recommend a book I just finished, Private Eye by Jason Deas. This is the first book in the Cameron Caldwell mystery series and I hope Jason has more to come because this was an excellent story. The main character is flawed but likable ex-cop Cam Caldwell, who battles his own personal demons while trying to create a new life for himself in a small southern town, knowing all the while that strings from his former life are drawing him back to see justice done. The book has an interesting cast of quirky characters, each carrying their own baggage and it won’t take you long get to know and care about them, from the flamboyant artist who really isn’t gay to the beautiful but driven lady police chief to an equally beautiful restaurant owner who captures Cam’s heart. Throw in moonshiners, a typical small town mayor/slash bully, a techno-savvy battle scarred veteran and you’re going to enjoy this story!

Thought For The Day – If you have not grown up by age 50 you don’t have to.

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